Francis Bacon  (Irish, 1909-1992) 

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Art Market Watch SOTHEBY'S CONTEMPORARY DOES $266.6 MILLION. Eight-figure prices for Bacon, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Twombly and Richter mark a robust spring sale., 05/09/2012
Frieze New York GUIDE TO THE NEW FRIEZE WEEK NY By Rachel Corbett. An all new week of spring art events is upon us with the inauguration of Frieze New York. Don’t miss the action with this guide to Frieze, the satellite fairs, the auctions and beyond., 04/25/2012
THE NEW YORK LIST, 3/23/2012 by Emily Nathan. Henry Taylor, Hans Breder, David Lynch, Jim Shaw, Hernan Bas, Todd James, Mona Kuhn, Grayson Cox., 03/23/2012
Art Market Watch LONDON SALES OF CONTEMPORARY ART by Jessica Mizrachi. Tweeting the results of the Richterrific sales and Baconfidence at the auctions in London., 02/17/2012
Damien Hirst SPOTS, SHARKS, MAGGOTS AND MONEY by Jerry Saltz. How Damien Hirst took over the world., 01/13/2012
Art Market Watch STILL & RICHTER STAR AT SOTHEBY’S CONTEMPORARY ART AUCTION. Clyfford Still paintings for $61.7 million and $31.4 million, Gerhard Richter for $20.8 million and $18 million, plus more., 11/09/2011
Artnet News IFPDA PRINT FAIR PREVIEW. Ninety top print dealers convene at the Park Avenue Armory for the annual International Fine Print Dealers Association Print Fair., 10/31/2011
Willem de Kooning MAKING SENSE OF DE KOONING by Charlie Finch "De Kooning: A Retrospective" comes to the Museum of Modern Art., 09/21/2011
Meier & Momeni et Olaf Breuning au Palais de Tokyo. L'enseignement des fourmis. Par Guy Bloch-Champfort., 07/29/2011
RIP Lucian Freud WHY ARTISTS YOU DON’T LOVE CAN STILL BE GREAT by Jerry Saltz. Jerry Saltz pays homage to the artist for sticking to his painterly guns., 07/22/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Transformers 3 & the iconic Milwaukee Art Museum. Plus, Frans Hals at the Met, the art of cruelty, Russian art collector Leonid Mikhelson, more., 07/15/2011
Cy Twombly THE WRITING ON THE WALL by Peter Plagens. RIP Cy Twombly, 1928-2011, a courtly painter whose works can be profoundly refreshing., 07/06/2011
Ron Nagle DISQUIET IN CLAY by Brook S. Mason. A new award and new shows for the 72-year-old San Francisco artist Ron Nagle., 05/23/2011
Les grandes ventes commencent ! Par Alain Dreyfus. Bilan des ventes aux enchères passées et à venir - début mai 2011., 05/05/2011
Party Pictures "SOUTINE/BACON" AT HELLY NAHMAD. The first comparative exhibition of Chaim Soutine and Francis Bacon. Photos by the Billy Farrelly Agency., 05/03/2011
ARTNET NEWS. "Soutine /Bacon" at Helly Nahmad, 04/27/2011
Les prémisses d'une année record. par Alain Dreyfus. Bilan des résultats de ventes aux enchères d’œuvres d’art pour le premier trimestre 2011., 04/12/2011
WEEKEND UPDATE by Walter Robinson. Dior, Phillips de Pury, Robert Irwin, Irving Penn, Jill Krementz, David Aronson, T.R. Ericsson, Tibor de Nagy’s 60th, more., 01/19/2011
ET VOILà LE TRAVAIL. Par Alain Dreyfus. Installation vidéo de l’artiste contemporain Ali Kazma à Nanterre., 12/30/2010
>THE OLD IS NEW AGAIN by Jerry Saltz. Paintings you can’t miss at MoMA’s historic Abstract Expressionism show., 11/17/2010
ART MARKET WATCH. Sotheby’s evening sale of contemporary art does $222.5 million, 11/09/2010
GAGOSIAN-PARIS. Vidéo de Nikolaï Saoulski. Vernissage d’ouverture de la Gagosian Gallery à Paris le 19 octobre 2010., 10/20/2010
UNE NOUVELLE BELLE ÉPOQUE by Brook S. Mason. Asians, Americans and some Europeans at the 25th Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris., 09/21/2010
DIARY OF AN ART STAR by Reverend Jen. Reverend Jen explores the London art scene., 07/15/2010
>LET’S RECONSIDER by Jerry Saltz. Finding something to like in the work of Marlene Dumas., 04/19/2010
GIFT HORSE by Laura K. Jones. "Crash," Bani Abidi, Ximena Garrido-Lecca, Kelly-Anne Davitt, Bruce McLean, Testbed 1, "Peeping Tom," Giles Round, Richard Hamilton, Gary Webb, "Cape Farewell,", 04/14/2010
LUCIAN FREUD. Par Werner Spies. Lucian Freud au Centre Pompidou., 04/08/2010
LUCIAN FREUD : LA PEINTURE LA PLUS CHAIR !. Par Alain Dreyfus. Lucian Freud, jusqu’au 19 juillet 2010 à la Galerie 2 du Centre Pompidou., 03/11/2010
NOTED AT THE ARMORY. Jeremy Blake, Nancy Chunn, Kota Ezawa, Susan Hefuna, Chris Marker, Malick Sidibe, 03/05/2010
Andy Warhol’s Polaroids, Jane Austen’s stuff, Bruce Nauman’s Venice works,, 01/05/2010
Handicapping Rob Pruitt’s "First Annual Art Awards" at the Guggenheim, 10/26/2009
>HIRST’S BLUE PERIOD by Simon Todd. Damien Hirst’s "No Love Lost: Blue Paintings" at the Wallace Collection in London, 10/13/2009
LONDON DISPATCH by Laura K. Jones. Pestival, Rob Pruitt, Henry Hudson, Museum of Non Participation, Matthew Bannon, Vegas Gallery, Ceal Floyer, Mat Collishaw, more., 09/29/2009
Citer Ingres ou l'aimer. Véronique Bouruet-Aubertot. Au musée Ingres de Montauban, on peut voir que le classique « Ingres » est une inspiration pour de nombreux artistes qui cherchent à ne pas l'être. Les derniers subvertissent le premier et lui donnent un supplément d'âme estampillée « moderne »., 08/04/2009
BACON, HALF-BAKED by Ben Davis. Why philosopher Gilles Deleuze’s book on Francis Bacon is so much tamer than Francis Bacon’s work itself., 07/28/2009
GODDESS OR GYNECOLOGY? by Donald Kuspit. Robert Graham’s female nude., 07/10/2009
ART MARKET WATCH Is the contemporary art market ready to rebound?, 07/02/2009
ARTNET NEWS. Art in the Hamptons, Grosvenor House Fair cancelled, artists do MAC makeup promotion., 06/30/2009
Top Museum Shows, June 2009: Dan Graham, Jules Dalou,, 06/02/2009
>SACRED MONSTER by Jerry Saltz. Francis Bacon, the greatest painter of the 20th century, or fascinating mess?, 05/27/2009
ART MARKET WATCH. American art sales in New York, plus more on the spring contemporary art auctions., 05/21/2009
Twenty Top Shows. "New Feminist Video," "The Model as Muse," Claes Oldenberg, Francis Bacon, Amy Blakemore, Richard Avedon, more., 05/01/2009
GRACELAND by Charlie Finch. Photographer Tanyth Berkeley and her model Grace., 03/19/2009
ART MARKET WATCH. Auction houses post 2008 results, plus highlights of the London contemporary sales., 02/13/2009
ART MARKET WATCH. Could Warholmania finally be over?, 02/02/2009
>MR. OBAMA GOES TO WASHINGTON by Sidney Lawrence. An Inaugural Art Guide for Visitors, 01/14/2009
DUBIOUS DUMAS by Charlie Finch. Marlene Dumas’ painting is lugubrious and lazy., 12/11/2008
CRISIS, WHAT CRISIS? by Walter Robinson. Weathering the storm at Art Basel Miami Beach., 12/05/2008
ARTNET NEWS. No sales for MoMA’s model homes, Carsten Höller opens a nightclub, the Art Museum Toilet Museum of Art, Gagosian expands, art world "Find-a-Text," more., 11/20/2008
A SILVER LINING by Charlie Finch. All-female sales could cure a down market., 11/18/2008

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