FAILE, the street art duo comprised of Patrick McNeil and Patrick Mille (American, b.1975; b.1976), formed their Brooklyn-based multimedia collaborative in 1999. They have conjured a wide array of works over the years, using original iconography and appropriating images from mass media, such as kissing women, Popeye, and old-time boxers. FAILE began covering building exteriors with pioneering techniques in wheatpasting and stenciling, before expanding their repertoire to paintings, collage, prints, and sculpture. These elements converge in immersive installations in which FAILE creates total self-manufactured spaces. Deluxx Fluxx (2010), an arcade created in conjunction with BAST, was installed in two galleries—first in London, then New York. At each gallery, everything was swathed in FAILE’s adhesive prints, from the walls and ceiling to the game consoles. The games were tailor-made for each location in collaboration Adapted Studio and Seth Jabour. Temple (2010) was a site-specific installation set up on Praça dos Restauradores Square in Lisbon, Portugal, for the Portugal Arte 10 Festival. In the middle of the square, FAILE built a small temple in ruins and covered with relief sculpture as well as custom decorated tiles. Inside, a previously-created two-dimensional work, Scuba Horse, was realized as a sculptural fountain utilizing white, blue, and gold color palette as a nod towards the Portuguese landscape.


Artists Collective founded by Patrick McNeil (Canadian) and Patrick Miller (American), Brooklyn, NY
Aiko Nakagawa joined the art group
FAILE started to get commissions for photography, music videos, fashion, and Murals
Aiko began to focus more on her personal projects
Took part in the UK's Spank the Monkey at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art
Collaborated with David Ellis and Swoon to cover the windows, doors, and inside walls of the New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles, CA
FAILE studio opened in New York, NY


V1x - Tonight We Wont Be Bored - V1 Gallery, Copenhagen
At home I'm tourist - me Collectors Room Berlin, Berlin
Streets of the World - Opera Gallery, New York City, NY
Toykio Loves Gol - Toykio Gallery, Dusseldorf
Urban Art Show 2011 - Belgrave Gallery St Ives, St. Ives, Cornwall (England)
“West End Rebellion” - Scream London, London (England)
Playing Field - Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art, Culver City, CA
Status - Somewhere Between Position And Condition - V1 Gallery, Copenhagen
A Decade Of FAILE - Lazarides Gallery, London (England)
10th Anniversary Fecal Face group show - The Luggage Store, San Francisco, CA
Viva la Revolucion: A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape - Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego - MCASD Downtown, San Diego, CA
PortugalArte10 - PortugalArte, Lisbon
Shred - Perry Rubenstein Gallery - 527 West 23 Street, New York City, NY
Temple Project, Portugal Arte 10, Lisbon, Portugal (solo)
Perry Rubenstein Gallery, New York, NY (solo)
FAILE & BÄST, Deluxx Fluxx Arcade, Allen Street, New York, NY and Greek Street, London, England
Poster Resistance 2, New Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Street Art, Tate Modern, London, England
Lost in Glimmering Shadows, Lilian Baylis School-Lazarides Gallery, London, England (solo)
Nothing Lasts Forever, 201 Chrystie Street, New York, NY (solo)
Outsiders, Houston and Bowery, Lazarides, New York, NY
201 Stanton Street, New York, NY (solo)
From Brooklyn with Love, Lazarides Gallery, London, England (solo)
Shanghai Sculpture Space, Shanghai, China
Fifty24 Gallery, Portland, OR (solo)
Irvine Contemporary, Washington, DC
Mural commmission, Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, OR (solo)
WPA\C, Washington, DC
Swish, Lazarides Gallery, London, England
The Room, New York, NY (solo)
Fifty24SF, San Francisco, CA
New Image Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Stay Gold Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Urbis Artium Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Supreme Trading N8 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Weiden + Kennedy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Espai Pupu, Barcelona, Spain
Lab 101, Los Angeles, CA
Break Beat Science Showroom, Tokyo, Japan
X-Girl, New York, NY
Les Complices, Zurich, Switzerland
One Eye Space, Los Angeles, CA
Break Beat Science Showroom, Tokyo, Japan
Mural commission, Diesel Store, Austin, TX
McCaig-Welles, New York, NY
Transplant Gallery, New York, NY
Bob’s, New York, NY
Centre Cultural Es Jonquet, Mallorca, Spain
Bethanien Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
Neurotitan Haus Schwarzenberg, Berlin, Germany
Rocket Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Dazed&Confused Gallery, London, England (solo)
Firehouse 87, Lafayette St., New York, NY (solo)
GAS Shop, Tokyo, Japan (solo)
M3Projects, New York, NY
V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
Max Fish Gallery, New York, NY
Gas Experiment, Tokyo, Japan