Dennis Oppenheim  (American, 1938-2011) 

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Vidéo-vintage 1963-1983, au Centre Pompidou, Paris, 03/27/2012
Houston Fine Art Fair HAPPY TRAILS IN TEXAS by Brook S. Mason. The new Houston Fine Art Fair is blazing a path into the art world’s heart., 09/22/2011
Nils Udo au musée de La Poste, Paris. Nils Udo d'après nature. par Romaric Gergorin., 08/10/2011
GOODBYE, DEAR DENNIS by Jerry Saltz. Jerry Saltz bids adieu to the late Dennis Oppenheim and revisits his artistic legacy., 01/27/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Thomas Hoving Master Pieces app, art at Davos, Oppenheim in Las Vegas, Tod’s & the Colosseum, Maira Kalman, Michael Werner, AICA-USA art awards, more, 01/25/2011
DENNIS THE MENACE by Charlie Finch. Remembering Dennis Oppenheim, 1938-2011, the pioneering New York conceptual artist and allegorical sculptor., 01/22/2011
ARTNET NEWS. "Work of Art: The Winner," artists and writers against SB1070, Tauba Auerbach rocks, more. Plus, Jan-Erik von Löwenadler, RIP., 07/29/2010
ARTNET NEWS. YouTube at the Gugg, "Beyond New York" goes international, San Jose’s high-tech biennial, more., 06/17/2010
REMEMBERING JEANNE-CLAUDE by Michéle C. Cone. Publicly at the Metropolitan Museum, and on a personal note, 05/06/2010
ARTNET INSIDER. The "Word Art Sale" at Artnet Auctions, plus news on Not Vital, Gama, Terry Rodgers, Alex Prager, more., 01/25/2010
NOTHING IN PARTICULAR by James Croak. Vitamin 3D: New Perspective in Sculpture and Installation., 12/09/2009
ARTNET GOSSIP by Rosetta Stone. Good stuff at Artnet Auctions. Plus, cakes, meat, bullfights and more., 11/11/2009
WEEKEND UPDATE by Walter Robinson. Judit Reigl, Jennifer Reeves, Enrico Castellani, Gosha Ostretsov, Michael Brown, more., 06/09/2009
Top Museum Shows, June 2009: Dan Graham, Jules Dalou,, 06/02/2009
Eleanor Heartney: Kunst und Gegenwart von Daniel Kletke. Nicht chronologisch, sondern thematisch führt Eleanor Heartney durch die letzten drei Jahrzehnte Kunstproduktion. Unser Rezensent Daniel Kletke findet das ebenso riskant wie reizvoll., 11/26/2008
ARTNET NEWS. China’s Cultural Revolution at Asia Society, CCC Moscow, Saatchi’s "New Sensations," changes for Art Cologne, more., 07/17/2008
MUGGY UGLY by Charlie Finch. A new Dennis Oppenheim art project in Union Square Park definitely does not improve the summer weather., 06/23/2008
MISSION ABORTED by Charlie Finch. The nuances of Yale’s Aliza Shvarts controversy., 05/12/2008
MIAMI MAYHEM. More than 20 contemporary art fairs open in Miami., 12/03/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Gagosian in Moscow, Pelosi at antiques show, Oppenheim in L.A., Castelli in the Smithsonian, more. Plus, R.B. Kitaj, R.I.P., 10/27/2007
Artnet News - Gagosian in Moscow, Pelosi at antiques show, Oppenheim in L.A., Castelli in the Smithsonian, more. Plus, R.B. Kitaj, R.I.P., 10/23/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Grumbling over Fisher museum in San Francisco, Kush sues Pink, the Art Parade, more., 08/16/2007
SHARPSHOOTER by Alexandra Anderson-Spivey. He’s back: Willoughby Sharp in performance, 07/31/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Artists protest anti-filming rules in New York. Plus, Jews and carousels, art and sneakers, getting a brain, drawing the moon, more., 07/25/2007
THE BIGGEST PICTURE by Jerry Saltz. "Cosmologies" takes a trip through grand visions and imaginary universes. And "Beyond the Pale" at Moti Hasson Gallery., 02/12/2007
DILL VERSUS PRINCE by Charlie Finch. Lesley Dill and Richard Prince at the Neuberger Museum., 02/12/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Met's summer lineup, Martin Creed in Milan, Tina B in Prague, Artstar premiere, more., 05/16/2006