Born in New York


The Polaroid Years - The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY
Sex, Money and Power - Maison Particulière Art Center, Brussels
Dash Snow - Contemporary Fine Arts - CFA, Berlin
V1x - Tonight We Wont Be Bored - V1 Gallery, Copenhagen
Privat - Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt/Main
Hybride - Fondation Francès, Senlis
Do Your Thing - White Columns, New York City, NY
Portrait of a Generation - The Hole NYC, New York City, NY
À rebours - Venus Over Manhattan Art, New York City, NY
Brucennial 2012 - Harder. Betterer. Fasterer. Strongerer - Brucennial, New York City, NY
Movie List - Andrew Roth Gallery, New York City, NY
Three Amigos: Dash Snow - MACRO Museo d´Arte Contemporanea Roma, Rome
Dash Snow - Monica De Cardenas - Zuoz, Zuoz
Three Amigos - Galleria Massimo De Carlo, Milan
Blowing on a Hairy Shoulder / Grief Hunters - ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art - University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
CON AMORE - Leif Djurhuus Collection - ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Aarhus
Ray's A Laugh - Half Gallery, New York City, NY
A.D.D. Attention Deficit Desorder - Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary, Trevi
THE LAST FIRST DECADE - Ellipse Foundation, Alcoitão
New York Minute - Garage Center for Contemporary Culture - GCCC, Moscow
What's He Building in There? - Fuse Gallery, New York City, NY
The Last Newspaper - New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York City, NY
Bewahrung und Verfall - Deutsches Technikmuseum, Berlin
The Coke Factory - Ritter/Zamet, London (England)
Come As You Are - Prism, West Hollywood, CA
Boy, Oh Boy! - Group Show - Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami, FL
Shred - Perry Rubenstein Gallery - 527 West 23 Street, New York City, NY
The Tell-Tale Heart (Part 2) - James Cohan Gallery - Shanghai, Shanghai
The Tell-Tale Heart (Part 2) - James Cohan Gallery - New York, New York City, NY
Efecto Drácula/comunidades en transformación - Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico City
Best of Wonderland - - WAS - Wonderland Art Space, Copenhagen
Collection of Prints and Drawings - Photographs - Statens museum for kunst, Copenhagen
Permanent Trouble - Aktuelle Kunst aus der Sammlung Kopp - KOG - Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie, Regensburg
Dash Snow, A Community Memorial - - Deitch Projects - 76 Grand Street, New York City, NY (closed, 2010)
The End of Living... The Beginning of Survival, Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin (solo)
Jalouse, Palais de Tokyo, Paris
Moments Like This Never Last, Rivington Arms, New York
Defamation of Character, P.S.1, New York
Partial Recall, Lehmann Maupin, New York
American Concentration Camp, The Proposition, New York
Survivor, Bortolami Dayan, New York
Day For Night, Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
Silence Is The Only True Friend That Shall Never Betray You, Rivington Arms, New York (solo)
Good Bye To All That, Rivington Arms, New York
Live Through This: New York 2005“, Deitch Projects, Miami
Interstate, Nicole Klagsbrun, New York
With us against reality, or against us!, Willy Wonka Inc. Oslo, and Galleri S.E, Bergen, NOR
Moments Like This Never Last, Rivington Arms, New York (solo)
Session the Bowl, Deitch Projects, New York
a NEW new york scene, Galerie du Jour Agnes b., Paris
Don‘t Be Scared, Rivington Arms, New York


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