Daniel Buren (French, b.1938) is a painter and installation artist associated with the Conceptual Art movement, and best known for painting stripes in a variety of public locations. Born in Boulogne-Billancourt, he graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d''''Art in 1960. In 1966, after experimenting with an Expressionist style, Buren rejected formal representation and made vertical stripes his exclusive mark. One of Buren’s early installation works, Peinture-Sculpture (1971), was a striped banner that hung in the Guggenheim Museum in New York; it was removed after one day because it obstructed the work of other artists.

A recent installation at the Guggenheim called Around the Corner (2000–2005) featured a tower of mirrored glass that spanned the length of the museum. This structure was derived from Buren’s series of Cabanes éclatées (smaller cabins that are separated into parts and integrated into their surroundings). For his most controversial work, Deux Plateaux (1986), Buren covered one of the courtyards of the Palais-Royal in Paris with columns covered in his signature vertical stripes. In 1986, Buren represented France at the Venice Biennale and won the Golden Lion Award. He has held solo exhibitions at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art, among others institutions. His work is held in several museum collections, including the Museo Guggenheim in Bilbao, the Musée d''''Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, and the Tate Modern in London.


Born in Boulogne-Billancourt, France.
Grand Prix at the Paris Biennale, Paris, FRANCE
Prix Lefranc de la Jeune Peinture (prize for young painters), FRANCE
Golden Lion for best pavilion at the 42nd Biennale in Venice, ITALY
Living Treasure prize bestowed by NEW ZEALAND
International Award for Best Artist, The Bad Wurtemberg Land, Stuttgart, GERMANY
Prize for finest parking lot in Europe received in Budapest, HUNGARY


Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 2014:

Catch as catch can: works in situ, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK (solo exhibition)
Défini, fini, infini: Travaux in situ, MAMO, Cité Radieuse, Marseille, FRANCE
Biennale of Painting, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle, BELGIUM
Comme un jeu d’enfant/Like Child’s Play, works in situ, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Strasbourg, FRANCE
Lavori Luminosi, Galleria Massimo Minini, Brescia, ITALY
De un patio a otro -trabajos in situ, Cabañas Institute, Guadalajara, MEXICO
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 2013:

ELECTRICITY PAPER VINYL. Works in situ & situated works from 1968-2012, New York, New York, USA
Bortolami Gallery, New York, New York, USA
Petzel Gallery, New York, New York, USA
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 2012:

Architectural Dispositions, Thomas Solomon Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA
Monumenta at the Grand Palais, Paris, FRANCE
Lux Perpetua, Kamel Mennour Galerie, Paris, FRANCE
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 2011:

Allegro Vivace, Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden, GERMANY
Echos, travail in situ, at the Centre Pompidou-Metz, FRANCE (solo exhibition)
Revealed: Turner Contemporary Opens, Margate, ENGLAND
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 2010:

Daniel Buren, Westwind Arbeiten Situes, Buchmann Galerie, Berlin, GERMANY (solo exhibition)
Bilder uber Bilder, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung, MUMOK, Vienna, AUSTRIA
In between Minimalisms–Play van Abbe, Part 2: Time Machines, Stedelijk vanAbbemuseum, Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS
Daniel Buren, MUDAM, LUXEMBOURG (solo exhibition)
Malerei: Prozess und Wxpansion, MUMOK, Vienna, AUSTRIA
Multiplications Work in Situ for a Synagogue, Synagogue Stommeln, Pulheim, GERMANY
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 2009:

A mancha humana / the human stain, CGAC-Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea, Santiago de Compostela, SPAIN
Constanti del classico nell'arte del XX e XXI secolo, Fondazione Puglisi Cosentino - Palazzo Valle, Catania, ITALY
Daniel Buren-Artists Books, Fundacao Serralves, Porto, PORTUGAL (solo exhibition)
Voir Double, travail in situ, Xavier Hufkens, Brussels, BELGIUM
Transmutation, travail in situ, in “Arte in memoria 5”, Sinagoga di Ostia Antica, Ostia, Rome, ITALY
Vide ou Plein? Work in situ for two spaces, Art Dubai, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
Le Vent souffle où il veut, Beaufort 03 -The Triennial of Contemporary Art by the Sea, Ostende, BELGIUM
Arte Povera bis Mininal, Museum Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden, GERMANY
Les Anneaux, Estuarie 2009, Ile de Nantes, FRANCE
Daniel Buren, Neues Museum, Staatliches Museum für Kunst und Design in Nürnberg, Nuremberg, GERMANY (solo exhibition)
25 Obras, 17 Artistas, 4 Relatos, Centre d'Art la Panera, Lérida, SPAIN
Just What It is, ZKM, Karlsruhe, GERMANY
Play Van Abbe, Part 1: The game and the players, Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 2007:

Curator of L’emprise du lieu, joint exhibition at Domaine Pommery, Reims, FRANCE
Venice Biennale, Venice, ITALY
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 2006:

MOMA, Oxford, UK (solo exhibition)
Daniel Buren Exhibitions from 2004-2006:

Six exhibitions in Beijing, Jinan, Hangzhu, and Tianjin, CHINA
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 2005:

The eye of the storm, the Guggenheim Museum, New York, New York, USA (solo exhibition)
the International Triennale of Contemporary Art, Yokohama, JAPAN
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 2003:

Transitions : works in situ, the Municipal Museum of Art, Toyota, JAPAN (solo exhibition)
Venice Biennale, Venice, ITALY
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 2002:

Le Musée qui n’existait pas ("The museum that didn't exist”), the Pompidou Center in Paris, FRANCE (solo exhibition)
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 1997:

Venice Biennale, Venice, ITALY
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 1996:

Transparence de la lumière, solo exhibition at the Mito Art Tower, Mito, JAPAN (solo exhibition)25 Porticoes: la couleur et ses reflets ("color and its reflections"), Odaiba Bay, Tokyo, JAPAN
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 1994:

Déplacement-Jaillissement : d’une fontaine les autres, Place des Terreaux, Lyon, FRANCE
Sens dessus-dessous, travail in situ et en movement ("work in situ and in motion") commissioned by Lyon Parc Auto for the Celestins parking lot in Lyon, FRANCE
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 1993:

Venice Biennale, Venice, ITALY
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 1992:

Grand Prix National de Peinture, Paris, FRANCE
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 1989:

Touko Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, JAPAN (solo exhibition)
the ICA in Nagoya, JAPAN (solo exhibition)
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 1986:

Les deux plateaux, sculpture in situ, public commission for the Central Court of the Palais Royal in Paris, FRANCE
Venice Biennale, Venice, ITALY
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 1984:

Venice Biennale, Venice, ITALY
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 1982:

Documenta, Kassel, GERMANY
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 1980:

Venice Biennale, Venice, ITALY
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 1978:

Venice Biennale, Venice, ITALY
Daniel Buren Exhibitions in 1977:

Documenta, Kassel, GERMANY


Monumenta 2012, The Centre national des arts plastiques and the Réunion des musées nationaux - Grand Palais, Paris, France