D*Face  (British) 

D*Face (British, b.1978) is an elusive London Street painter. His identity remained a mystery until 2008, when he revealed his real name to be Dean Stockton. Stockton was raised in London by working class parents and admits to having been fascinated by Graffiti from an early age. In the 1980s, Stockton was introduced to the magazine Thrasher, which he credits with changing his life. The graphic images, punk references, and skateboard designs inspired the artist's urban style. As a young man, he dreamed of visiting skate parks in California. However, his parents were poor, and this was not an option. At the time, London did not have many skate parks, and the young man had to be resourceful if he wanted to skate. This made him look at the city in a different way and influenced his art.

Stockton did not excel in school and had problems with the education system. He spent time in the advertising world, which he found to be both manipulative and interesting. Advertisers could put their work anywhere without raising objection, and this inspired Stockton to do the same. His giant Graffiti-like paintings appeared overnight on London streets. Stockton admits the art was just for him. He was unaware that other people even paid attention to it. He painted the images that he wanted to see and rarely listened to the opinions of others. Stockton completed his projects largely anonymously. In a recent interview, the artist proclaimed, "I don't find that it's necessarily relevant that you know who I am regarding my work. The work speaks for itself, and if it doesn't speak for itself, then I like people to reinterpret it for their own views."

Stockton’s paintings feature bright colors, graphic shapes, and comic book images. One of his most famous pieces, Green Lady, is based on artist Vladimir Tretchikoff's Chinese Girl. The portrait features a figure with a drooling skull face and cartoonish ears dressed in a realistic Asian gown. Another, Queen Elizabeth, features the monarch sporting green hair, a nose ring, and razor blade earring. Stockton commonly infuses his pop-culture style with landmarks and famous works of art. Celebrities such as Christina Aguilera collect the artist's work, and L.A.'s Corey Helford Gallery has displayed Stockton's pieces.

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D*Face, F***K


StolenSpace Gallery
D*Face, Sweet Nothings


Sweet Nothings
StolenSpace Gallery
D*Face, Going Nowhere Fast


Going Nowhere Fast
StolenSpace Gallery
D*Face, Wings



Auction: Apr 19, 2014
SBI Art Auction Co., Ltd.
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D*Face, Pop Tart - Grey


Pop Tart - Grey

Hang-Up Pictures
D*Face, No More Heroes_Yellow


No More Heroes_Yellow

BC Gallery
D*Face, No More Heroes_Blue


No More Heroes_Blue

BC Gallery
D*Face, Stop Wars


Stop Wars

Art Below
D*Face, No Joke


No Joke

Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art
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D*Face, Untitled (Pope)


Untitled (Pope), 2005
mixed media, acrylic, spray paint and gold leaf on canvas


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D*Face, Sado


screenprint and diamond dust on canvas


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D*Face, Spend up kid


Spend up kid
screenprint on canvas w/paper


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1978   Born: London, England
2005   Creator, Owner and Curator, the Outside Institute known now as the Stolen Space Gallery, London, England
2012   Love / Hate Group Show, Stolenspace Gallery, London
2011   Stolen Space Christmas Group Show, London.
2011   On Every Street, Samuel Owen Gallery, Connecticut
2011   Goss-Michael Foundation Gallery, Dallas.
2011   "Burn Brighter", (solo) Metro Gallery, Melbourne
2011   "Going Nowhere Fast", (solo) Corey Helford Gallery, L.A
2011   Corey Helford Gallery 10 Year Anniversary Show, Los Angeles
2010   Summer Group Show, StolenSpace Gallery, London
2009   Nu Art. Stavinger, Norway
2009   Summer Group Show, StolenSpace Gallery, London
2009   "All Your Dreams Belong to Us", (solo) Jonathan Levine Gallery, NYC
2009   UPCOMING: ''Ludivico Aversion Therapy/All Your Dreams Are Owned By Us'. Jonathan Levine Gallery. NYC. September 12th
2008   "aPOPcalypse now," (solo) Black Rat Press gallery, London, England
Fresh Air Smells Funny. Osnabrück Museum. Germany
Urban Art Auction. Bonhams. London, England
White Noise Paper Works Show. Black Rat Press. London, England
D*Arm/RockFace. 24SF/Upper Playground. San Francisco. USA.
Under a Red Sky. Summer Group Show. StolenSpace Gallery. London, England
Nu Art. Stavinger, Norway
D*Face x Shepard Fairey . Gallerie Magda. Paris, France
2008   "aPOPcalypse Now", (solo) London
2008   "D*Arm/RockFace", (solo) 24SF/Upper Playground, San Francisco, USA
2008   D*Face x Shepard Fairey, Gallerie Magda, Paris
2008   "Under a Red Sky", StolenSpace Gallery, London
2008   White Noise Paper Works Show, Black Rat Press, London
2008   Urban Art Auction, Bonhams, London
2008   Fresh Air Smells Funny, Osnabrück Museum, Germany
2007   The Streets of Europe, Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York
2007   "Eyecons", (solo) O'Contemporary, Brighton, England
2007   White Noise, Black Rat Press, London
2007   Nu Art, Stavinger Museum, Norway
2007   Groups Show, Leonard Street Gallery, London
2007   Summer Group Show, StolenSpace Gallery, London.
2007   "Eyecons," (solo) at O Contemporary in Brighton, England
Summer Group Show. StolenSpace Gallery. London, England
Groups Show Leonard Street Gallery, London, England
Nu Art. Stavinger Museum. Norway.
White Noise. Black Rat Press. London, England
The Streets of Europe. Jonathan Levine Gallery. New York
2006   "Death & Glory," (solo) at the Stolenspace gallery, London, England
Urban Funke, Group Show, Barcelona, Spain
Ice Hotel, Ice Suite creation.
Santas Ghetto. London, England
Wooster Collective Spring Street Project. NYC
2006   Wooster Collective, Spring Street Project, NYC
2006   Santas Ghetto, London
2006   Ice Hotel, Ice Suite creation
2006   UK Jack, OK! - A celebration of British style, Dover Street Market, London
2006   UK Jack, OK! - A celebration of British style, Colette, Paris
2006   "Death & Glory", (solo) Stolenspace gallery, London
2005   7th Day, Pimp, London
2005   Santa's Ghetto, London
2005   Pictures on Walls, Allmanna Galleriet Stockholm
2005   Adfunture Invasion - Introducing D*Dog, Pixie, Taipei
2005   Adfunture London - Introducing D*Dog, Outside Institute, London
2005   A Few of our Favourite Fiends, Outside Institute, London
2005   Urban Funke - Finders Keepers group exhibit, Barcelona, Spain
A Few of our Favourite Fiends - group show, Outside Institute, London, England
Adfunture London - Introducing D*Dog, Outside Institute, London, England
Adfunture Invasion - Introducing D*Dog, Pixie, Taipei
Pictures on Walls - group show, Allmanna Galleriet Stockholm, Sweden
Santa’s Ghetto - group show, London, England
7th Day - Group show, Pimp, December London, England
2004   Native Weapon - Group Show
Love - Finders Keepers group show, Montana Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
Hollywood Remix Show - group show, Wooster Collective, New York
Finders Keepers - group show, Hinterconti Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
Santa’s Ghetto - group show, December London, England
2004   Santa's Ghetto, London
2004   Finders Keepers, Hinterconti Gallery, Hamburg
2004   Hollywood Remix Show, Wooster Collective, New York
2004   Love - Finders Keepers, Montana Gallery, Barcelona
2004   Native Weapon
2003   Trajan Bar - Solo Show, Stockholm, Sweden
2002   Trick or Treat Motherfucker - Dreambags Jaguar Shoes, London, England
2001   Stick ‘em up - stickers - Magma, London, England