Cosimo Cavallaro  (Canadian, 1962) 

Cosimo Cavallaro (Canadian, b.1962) is an artist affiliated with filmmaking, sculpture, and Performance Art. Cavallaro was born in Montreal, but raised in both Canada and Italy. He attended art schools in Canada, Italy, and the United States before setting up a sculptor shop in Montreal in the early 1980s.

Cavallaro eventually fell into film directing when a friend asked him to help on a movie set. He soon became a full time production designer; he worked first on features and commercials, and eventually moved onto directing. As a director, Cavallaro won numerous awards including the Director of the Year Award in Canada and the 1990 Canadian Film Festival Award for Best Video of the Year. In 1995, he moved to New York. While there, he began to focus more on creating art, especially performance pieces.

The artist is known for his numerous installation pieces involving real cheese and other food products, including a performance in which he covered the iconic 1960s model Twiggy in spray cheese, and one in which he covered the inside of a New York City hotel room entirely with melted cheese. Cavallaro's cheese installations have attracted features in hundreds of media outlets throughout the world, including but not limited to, the New York Times, Contemporary Visual Arts Magazine, CNN, Global Japan Television, People, BBC, Harper's Bazaar, the Associated Press, and the Fox News channel.

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Cosimo Cavallaro, Jelly Beans


Cosimo Cavallaro
Jelly Beans
The McLoughlin Gallery

1961   Born in Montreal, Canada
1980   Set up shop as a sculptor in Montreal
1980 - 1990   Worked mainly in film and video
1990   Won Best Video of the Year at the Canadian Film Festival Award.
1990   Won Director of the Year Award in Canada
1995   Moved to New York where he began focusing more of his time on creating art
2009   Orange Expression Saint-Hyacinthe Quebec Canada, I was here
2008   The Proposition Gallery NY, NY . Chocolate Jesus and Chocolate Saints show
2007   Lab Gallery NY, NY: Chocolate Jesus Show. Cancelled due to protest from the Catholic church
2007   The Proposition Gallery NY, NY: Chocolate Jesus and Chocolate Saints show
2004   Lab Gallery NY, NY: Absolute Pressed Ham
2003   Art Gallery - College of Arts & Sciences, Fort Myers, FL: Burning Piano
2003   Ingrid Raab Gallery-Berlin Germany: Burning Piano
2002   South Shore Art Center, Cohasset MA: Burning Piano
2002   Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery, New York NY: Cheese Jacket, Marshmallow Jacket
2002   Burning Piano, Toronto ONT: Burning Piano
2001   Cheese House Wyoming, Powell, WY: House in Cheese
2000   Cedarhurst Sculpture Museum, Mt. Vernon, IL: Bicycle Seats
1999   Downtown Arts Festival, New York, NY: Twiggy In Cheese
1999   Washington Jefferson Hotel, New York, NY: Room 114
1998   Nese & Alpan Gallery, Roslyn, NY: Pillows
1998   Cedarhurst Sculpture Museum, Mt. Vernon, IL: Knot
1998   Stevens George Gallery, Hammond, IN: Nudes
1998   Chicago Children's Museum, Chicago, IL: Knot
1998   Moo Boo Gallery, Berkley, CA: Nudes
1998   Pier Walk, Chicago, IL: Knot
1998   Armory Art Center, Palm Beach, FL: Kiddie Ride
1998   Wood Street Gallery, Chicago, IL: Pillows
1998   De Corvada Museum and Sculpture Park, Boston, MA: Knot
1998   Krasel Art Center, Chicago, IL: Pillows
1998   Center For Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA: Kiddie Ride
1997   Real Art Ways Contemporary Art Space, Hartford, CT: Birth, Pillows, and Railings
1996   SoHo Arts Festival, New York, NY: Birth and Pillows
  Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery, New York
  Armory Art Center, Chicago
  DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, Lincoln, MA