intimate by claudia demonte


Mar 21, 2014–May 10, 2014

Atrium Gallery
Saint Louis, MO USA

Atrium Gallery presents Intimate, a specific grouping of small works creating opportunities for an intimate encounter with viewers. Included will be both two ...

claudia demonte abundance by claudia demonte

Claudia DeMonte Abundance

Apr 12, 2012–May 15, 2012

June Kelly Gallery
New York, NY USA

Abundance, an exhibition of small fanciful bronze sculptures by Claudia DeMonte that highlight our acquisitive society and create a poignant visual contrast wit...

claudia demonte the luxury of exercise by claudia demonte

Claudia DeMonte The Luxury of Exercise

Sep 10, 2009–Oct 6, 2009

June Kelly Gallery
New York, NY USA

The Luxury of Exercise, an exhibition in which Claudia DeMonte continues to express her singular vision of a woman’s role in the world with her Female Fe...

claudia demonte, empowered objects sculpture by claudia demonte

Claudia DeMonte, Empowered Objects Sculpture

Mar 22, 2007–Apr 17, 2007

June Kelly Gallery
New York, NY USA

“Empowered Objects,” an exhibition of intriguing forms by Claudia DeMonte – elegant sculptural vessels and female fetish objects that symbolize women’s multifac...