Chiu Ya-tsai  (Taiwanese, 1949-2013) 


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Biography & Links

Chiu Ya-tsai Biography
1949   Born in Yi-lan, Taiwan
  Literary Award, "Women of Eastern District" Galerie Elégance, Taipei, Taiwan
Selected Exhibitions
2013   "Portrait - Chiu Ya-Tsai Solo Exhibition" Triumph Art Space, Beijing, China (solo)
2007   Windows to the Soul, Anna Ning Fine Art, Hong Kong
2006   Goethe Art Gallery, Taipei
2005   Taiwan Contemporary, Guan Du Museum, Taiwan
2004   80's Expressionisms, Providence University, Taiwan
2001   Plum Blossoms Gallery, New York
1999   Ju Ming & Chiu Ya Tsai, Art Fair, Switzerland
1998   Ju Ming & Chiu Ya Tsai, Monaco
1996   Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong
Elegant Scholars, Galerie Elégance Taipei, Taiwan
1995   Memoirs of the Wisteria Tea House, Galerie Elégance Taipei, Taiwan
1995   Picasso, Dali & Chiu Ya Tsai, Galerie Saggarah, Switzerland
1994   Galerie Elegance, Taipei
1993   New Phase Art Space Taichung, Taiwan
1993   Gallery Elégance Taipei, Taiwan
1992   Guan Lin, Taiwan
1991   Royal Lin Art Gallery Taiwan
1990   Hanart Gallery Taipei, Taiwan
1990   300 years of Art in Taiwan, Provincial Museum of Art, Taichung
1989   Hanart 2 Gallery, Hong Kong
1989   Cheng Tsai Tung and Chiu Ya Tsai, Hanart 2 Gallery, Hong Kong
1989   Three Hundred Years of Taiwanese Art, Taiwan Museum of Art Taiwan
1988   Contemporary Ink Painting, National Museum of History Taipei, Taiwan
1988   Cheng Tsai-tung and Chiu Ya-tsai 1988, Cheng Tsai-tung, Hanart TZ Gallery Hong Kong
1987   The Mind's Eye, Asian Arts Institute New York, NY
1986   Howard Salon Taichung, Taiwan
1986   Ming Men Gallery, Taichung
1985   Taiwan New Painting, Spring Gallery Taipei, Taiwan
1984   New Painters from Taiwan, Hanart TZ Gallery Hong Kong
1982   Wisteria Tea House Taipei, Taiwan
1980   U.S. Information Centre Taipei, Taiwan
1979   American Cultural Centre Taipei, Taiwan
1998   Life as Flushing Intestines
1998   Emotion Like Tiger
1998   Handbook of Desire
1997   Pretty Face, Devious Hearts
1996   The Man Who Eats Books