Blade  (French, 1972) 


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Art Market Watch SPRING ANTIQUITIES AT SOTHEBY'S AND CHRISTIE'S NEW YORK by Jessica Mizrachi. A $900,000 Greek gravestone -- plus a homoerotic krater -- at Sotheby's and a $926,000 Roman marble of an actor at Christie's., 06/14/2012
Ito Jakuchu BUDDHIST BEAUTY: ITO JAKUCHU’S PAINTINGS by Donald Kuspit. At the National Gallery of Art, a 30-scroll set of bird-and-flower paintings by Ito Jakuchu, one of Japan’s great national treasures., 06/05/2012
RAZOR PARK 100 by Tony Fitzpatrick. Tall tales and good lessons from the guys who worked the car wash in suburban Chicago in the 1960s., 05/28/2012
Party Pictures WSJ "DONOR OF THE DAY" CELEBRATION AT THE WHITNEY Photos by Billy Farrell / BFAnyc. The Wall Street Journal and Jeff Koons team up to celebrate private philanthropy with a dinner at the Whitney Museum., 05/08/2012
ARTNET NEWS. Poster Boy Show Must Go On, 10/14/2011
Clyfford Still Museum STILL THE ONE by Peter Plagens. Abstract Expressionist Clyfford Still, the self-proclaimed master of the monumental sublime, finally gets his own namesake museum., 09/15/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Benetton Cancels Venice Plans, 04/28/2011
DING AND ZUN by N.F. Karlins. At the China Institute, treasures of Yangzi River culture from the Bronze Age., 02/28/2011
ARTNET NEWS. Museum of Modern Art preview, plus graffiti and folk art at Venice Biennale, Gagosian Gallery sued, more., 02/24/2011
>ABSTRACTING ABSTRACTION by Charlie Finch. Lee Krasner, Keltie Ferris, Odili Donald Odita, Liz Markus and Christopher H. Ho., 11/23/2010
ARTNET NEWS. Swoon and Konbit Shelter in Haiti, Michael Govan says blockbuster is dead, "The Anthropologist", 08/04/2010
>Joan Mitchell A LITTLE RICH GIRL WHO PAINTED SPECTACULAR PICTURES by Michèle C. Cone. A new biography of Abstract Expressionist painter Joan Mitchell is both scholarly and sensationalistic., 06/21/2010
>THROUGH THE EYE OF A NEEDLE by Frédérique Joseph-Lowery. Louise Bourgeois: her life threaded., 06/15/2010
>RITUAL JADES by N.F. Karlins. Jade funerary objects from ca. 1600-771 BCE at Throckmorton Fine Art., 04/05/2010
TEFAF MAASTRICHT 2010 by Brook S. Mason. Briefly plunged into darkness, the world’s finest fair emerges still glittering with feverish sales., 03/17/2010
ARTFUL TOM, A MEMOIR by Thomas Hoving, 06/17/2009
ARTFUL TOM, A MEMOIR by Thomas Hoving, 06/15/2009
WEAPONS OF MAD DESTRUCTION by Charlie Finch. Native American warrior art and artifacts at the new John Molloy Gallery in Manhattan., 02/03/2009
>RECALLING ANDY WYETH by Thomas Hoving. Andrew Wyeth, 1917-2009, 01/20/2009
Enquête : Graffiti et art contemporain, l'hypothèse du marché. Marie Motti-Traverso. Enquête de Marie Motti sur le graffiti, et le post grapffiti., 10/08/2008
Enquête : Graffiti et art contemporain, l'hypothèse du marché. Marie Motti-Traverso. Enquête de Marie Motti sur le graffiti, et le post grapffiti., 10/08/2008
THE ART CRITIC by Peter Plagens. In Chapter 1 of this novel, to be published in Artnet Magazine: an exhibition season in the life of Arthur, the art-world-weary critic for a weekly news magazine., 08/22/2008
LONDON DISPATCH by Laura K. Jones. The Colony Room, Keith Coventry, "Mythologies," Alan Miller, Evan Holloway, Cindy Sherman, Wallis Gallery, Alex Melamid, Ull Hohn, Boo Saville, much more., 07/28/2008
RENAISSANCE LOVE by Michéle C. Cone. "Art and Love in Renaissance Italy" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art., 05/20/2008
THE NEW NEW CHIC by Brook S. Mason. Deco arts stylish reign at TEFAF Maastricht 08, 03/12/2008
HEARTS OF DARKNESS by Pedro Vélez. Art vs. economic oppression in works by Steve McQueen and Hubert Sauper., 12/14/2007
ART IN THE WOODS by Walter Robinson. Ann-Sofi Siden, David Hammons, Nate Loman, Serge Spitzer and more at Artbarn in Qiuogue on Long Island., 08/09/2007
ARTNET DESIGN by Sheldon LaPierre. The new art and design scene in Los Angeles., 05/25/2007
THE "IT" FACTOR, 02/19/2007
WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF NO CONTEXT by Charlie Finch. Doug Aitken turns MoMA into an outdoor Cineplex.<, 01/17/2007
ARTNET NEWS. Daniel J. Martinez in Cairo, tons of awards, art in Afghanistan, Archives of American Art online, more., 12/05/2006
THE ART CRITIC by Peter Plagens. A novel, chapter 7, 09/08/2006
GLASS HOUSES by Ben Davis. The art world lessons of Toledo, Ohio., 08/30/2006
A CRITICAL HISTORY OF 20TH-CENTURY ART by Donald Kuspit. Capter 4, Parts 2 & 3: Max Beckmann, Hannah Höch, John Heartfield and fantastic realism., 06/01/2006
CAPITAL ROUNDUP by Sidney Lawrence. Internationalists and regionalists battle it out in D.C., 05/22/2006
THE WINDY APPLE by Abraham Orden. A report from Art Chicago, the Nova Art Fair and the Chicago gallery scene., 05/18/2006