Asger Jorn  (Danish, 1914-1973) 

Painter Asger Jorn (Danish, 1914–1973) first became well known as a co-founder of the artists’ group CoBrA in 1948, which questioned the dominance of French Surrealist artists and fostered an expressive and spontaneous formal style. Jorn originally studied to be a teacher, before taking up painting 1930. His first works included landscapes and portraits, influenced by 1930s Danish art. In the mid-1930s he experimented with abstracted forms, and went to Paris to work on an exhibition pavilion designed by famous architect Le Corbusier for the upcoming Paris World Exhibition. During World War II, he returned to Denmark fleeing German occupation, and after the war co-founded CoBrA, an acronym taken from the founding artists’ home cities of Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam; the group had their first large-scale exhibition in 1949. In 1957, Jorn helped combine CoBrA and other progressive groups to form the Situationist International group, which rejected the lifestyle foisted on society by capitalism. Jorn participated in documenta II in 1959 in Kassel, receiving widespread international attention for his work, and later became notorious for rejecting a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1964. He is known for his paintings, lithographs, and etchings, and experimented with spontaneous line and semi-figurative representation, two fundamental aspects of the CoBrA visual language. He is further recognized for his overpainting of inexpensive 19th century works that he collected at the flea markets, in series he called Modifications or Défigurations, and has also received acclaim for his work with ceramics, collage, and sculpture. After a period in which he focused on Danish contemporary photography, he resumed painting and produced a significant number of works between 1970 and 1972. Jorn died in 1973, and a retrospective of his work opened the same year at the Kestner Gesellschaft in Hannover; recent retrospectives of his work have been held at the Kunsthalle Kiel in Germany, and at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Jorn was not only a prolific artist in diverse mediums, but was also an accomplished writer and theorist, and published several written works on philosophy, economics, archaeology, and aesthetics.

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Asger Jorn, o.T.,


Asger Jorn

Galerie Klaus Lea
Asger Jorn, ohne Titel


Asger Jorn
ohne Titel

Galerie Draheim
Asger Jorn, Egg and Sphere on Brown


Asger Jorn
Egg and Sphere on Brown

Crane Kalman Gallery
Asger Jorn, Fragezeichen vom Tintenmann


Asger Jorn
Fragezeichen vom Tintenmann

Galerie van de Loo Projekte
Asger Jorn, Delta


Asger Jorn

Asger Jorn, Vallée en révolte


Asger Jorn
Vallée en révolte

Asger Jorn, Ohne Titel / Untitled


Asger Jorn
Ohne Titel / Untitled

Asger Jorn, Advanced Anti Geometric Space


Asger Jorn
Advanced Anti Geometric Space

Asger Jorn, Mystification imaginaire


Asger Jorn
Mystification imaginaire

Galerie van de Loo Projekte
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Asger Jorn, Jorn Scultore (2 works)


Asger Jorn
Jorn Scultore (2 works), 1973


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Asger Jorn, Composition from the series Von Kopf bis Fuss


Asger Jorn
Composition from the series Von Kopf bis Fuss, 1966-1967
color lithograph


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Asger Jorn, Untitled (from Jubilæumsserien)


Asger Jorn
Untitled (from Jubilæumsserien), 1963
color lithograph


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1914   Born in Vejrum, Denmark as Asger Oluf Jørgensen
1930 - 1935   Started painting (landscapes, portraits, still lifes)
1936 - 1937   First trips to Paris, met Fernand Léger, Le Corbusier and Matta
1941   Cofounder of magazine Helhesten
1942   Member of Danish artist group Høst
1948   Foundation of group CoBrA (withKarel Appel, Constant, Corneille, Christian Dotremont, and Joseph Noiret)
1957 - 1961   Member of Situationistischen Internationale
1973   Dies in Aarhus, Denmark
2012   Asger Jorn. un artiste libre, Fondation de l'Hermitage, Lausanne, Switzerland
2012   Jorn < Ensor, Museum Jorn, Silkeborg, Denmark
2011   Jorn International, Aarhus Kunstmuseum ARoS, Denmark
2011   Jorn's Modifications & Kirkeby's Overpaintings, Museum Jorn, Silkeborg, Denmark
2011   Jorn’s Modifications & Kirkeby’s Overpaintings, Museum Jorn, Silkeborg, Denmark
2010   Städtische Galerie, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
2009   Silkeborg Kunstmuseum, Silkeborg, Denmark
2009   Galerie Marie-José van de Loo, Munich, Germany
2009   Retrospektive, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
2007   Asger Jorn in Italien, Kunsthalle in Emden / Museum Villa Stuck, Munich, Germany
2006   Asger Jorn. Central Figure, BAWAG Foundation, Vienna, Austria
2002   Retrospektive, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, Spain
2001   La Planète Jorn, Retrospektive, Musée d`Art Moderne et Contemporain, Strasbourg, France
1996   Retrospektive, Casa Rusca, Pinoteca Communale, Locarno, Switzerland
1995   Bielefelder Kunstverein, Germany
1994   Asger Jorn, 1914-1973. Das graphische Werk, Kupferstichkabinett Dresden, Germany
1994   Retrospektive, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt a. M., Germany
1994   Retrospektive, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1958 - 1994   Galerie van de Loo, Munich, Germany
1991   Silkeborg Kunstmuseum und Badisches Landesmuseum, Baden Baden, Germany
1988 - 1989   Galerie van de Loo, Munich, Germany
1987   Retrospective, Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich, Germany
1987   Retrospective, Musée d`Art Contemporain, Nîmes, France
1973   Retrospective, Kestner-Gesellschaft Hannover, Germany
1967 - 1968   Galerie van de Loo, Munich, Germany
1966   Kunsthalle, Göteborg, Sweden
1965   Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1965   Louisiana Museum, Humlebæk, Denmark
1964   Retrospective, Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland
1962   Lefebre Gallery, New York
1961   Universität, Aarhus, Denmark
1961   CoBrA, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam / Parais des Beaux-Arts, Lüttich, Netherlands
1959   CoBrA, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam / Parais des Beaux-Arts, Lüttich, Netherlands
1958   Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK
1958   50 ans d'art moderne, World Exhibition, Brussels, Belgium
1949   CoBrA, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1948   Galerie Breteau, Paris, France
1938   Dam & Fonns, Kopenhagen, Denmark