Artists Starting with W

Ivan Trevor Wheale (Canadian, 1934)
John Potter Wheat (American, 1920)
George Richard Wheater (British, 1864–1912)
Joe Harry Wheater (1885–1959)
Joseph H. Wheater (American)
Wheatley Pottery (American)
Adam Wheatley 
C. R. Wheatley 
Edith Grace Wheatley (British, 1888–1970)
Edward Wheatley 
Francis Wheatley (British, 1747–1801)
G.H. Wheatley (American, XX)
Grahame Wheatley (British, 1943)
Jenny Wheatley (British, 1959)
John Wheatley (British, 1892–1955)
John Lavers Wheatley (1888–1970)
Thomas J. Wheatley 
Warik Wheatley (1928)
Wendy Wheatley (Italian, active circa 1970)
Almira Wheaton (American, 1804–1881)
Francis Wheaton (American, 1849)
Robin Wheeldon 
E. Wheeler & Son 
Wheeler LTD. Of Weymouth 
James Wheeler Of Bath (British, 1820–1885)
Alfred Wheeler (British, 1851–1932)
Alice Wheeler 
Charles Arthur Wheeler (Australian, 1881–1977)
Charles E. (Shang) Wheeler 
Charles Thomas (Sir) Wheeler (British, 1892–1974)
Chauncey Wheeler (American, 1888–1945)
Clifton A. Wheeler (American, 1883–1953)
Colin V. Wheeler 
Daniel Wheeler 
Dennis Wheeler (1935)
Dora Wheeler 
Dorothy Muriel Wheeler (British, 1891–1966)
Doug Wheeler (American, 1939)
Edward J. Wheeler 
Eldred Wheeler 
Ellie Wheeler 
F. G. Wheeler (British)
Faye Wheeler (Scottish)
Florence Lewis and Charles E. (Shang) Wheeler 
Gordon Wheeler 
Hughlette Wheeler (American, born circa 1900–1955)
J. Wheeler (British)
J. or T. Wheeler 
James Wheeler (British, 1820–1885)
James Thomas Wheeler (British, 1849–1888)
Janet Wheeler (American, 1866–1945)
Jim Wheeler 
John Arnold Alfred Wheeler (British, 1821–1903)
John Frederick Wheeler (1875–1930)
Joseph Wheeler 
K. C. Wheeler (American)
Kathleen Wheeler (British, 1884)
L.F. Wheeler (American)
Larry Wheeler (American, 1942)
Lady Muriel Wheeler (British, 1888–1979)
Naparrula Polly Wheeler (Aborigine, born circa 1946)
Nathan Wheeler 
Nik Wheeler (1939)
Pete Wheeler 
Robert P. Wheeler (American, 1922–1966)
Steve Wheeler (1912–1992)
Stewart Wheeler (American)
T. Wheeler (British)
Thom Wheeler (American)
Thomas Wheeler (British)
Tim Wheeler 
Tjapanangka Douglas Wheeler (Aborigine)
Walter Herbert Wheeler (British, 1868–1960)
William Wheeler (American, 1940)
William Ruthven Wheeler (American, 1832–1894)
J. P. Wheelersen 
Mary V. Wheelhouse (?–1933)
Lila Audubon Wheelock 
Mabel L. Wheelock (American)
Maggie Wheelock (American, 1974)
Warren Wheelock (American, 1880–1960)
J. Hadwen Wheelwright 
Joseph Wheelwright (American)
Laurie Simmons and Peter Wheelwright 
Rowland Wheelwright (British, 1870–1955)
William Henry Wheelwright (British)
Jack Wheera (Aborigine)
Treva Wheete (American, born after 1890–died after 1963)
Blanche Whelan (American, born after 1889–died after 1974)
Henri Whelan 
Leo Whelan (British, 1892–1956)
Michael Whelan (American, 1950)
Sylvester J. Whelan (American)
T. H. Whelan (American)
T. W. Whelan (American)
James H. Wheldon (British, born circa 1832–1895)
William Wheldon 
G. L. Whelpton (British)
Jack Wherra (Aborigine, born circa 1924–died circa 1980)
John Whessel (British)
John Whessell 
Sophie Whettnall (Belgian, 1973)
Herbert Whewell (British, 1863–1951)
Grant Whibley 
Henry Mayle Whichelo Sr. (British, 1800–1884)
A. G. Whichelo (British)
C. John M. Whichelo (British, 1784–1865)
William J. Whichelo (British)
Frederick John Hayes Whicker (British, 1901)
Gwen Whicker (British, 1900–1966)
Patricia Whiddon (American)
JoJo Whilden 
H.M. While 
Annie Whiles (British)
Richard Whincop 
George Whinnen (Australian, 1891–1950)
J. W. Whinnery 
Charlotte Whinston (1895–1976)
Charles Ayer Whipple (American, 1859–1928)
Frank Whipple (American)
John Whipple (British)
John Adams Whipple (American, 1822–1891)
Michael Whipple 
Seth Arca Whipple (American, 1855–1901)
Warren Whipple 
Matthew Whippman (South African, 1901–1973)
J.M. Whirter 
Louis Whirter (British, 1873–1932)
Anthony Whishaw (British, 1930)
Charlie Whisker (1950)
Stephen Whisler (1953)
Kenneth Ronald Whisson (Australian, 1927)
Beatrice Whistler 
James Abbott McNeill Whistler (American, 1834–1903)
Joe Whistler 
John Whistler 
Lawrence Whistler (English, 1912–2000)
Reginald John Whistler (British)
Rex John Whistler (British, 1905–1944)
Minnie Whitacre (American)
Bob Whitaker (British, 1939)
David Whitaker (British, 1938–2007)
Eileen Monaghan Whitaker (American, 1911)
Ferrin Whitaker (American)
Frederic Whitaker (American, 1891–1980)
Frederick Whitaker 
George Whitaker (British, 1834–1874)
George William Whitaker (American, 1841–1916)
James Barnard Whitaker (American, 1836–1926)
James William Whitaker (1828–1876)
Linda Whitaker 
Paulo Whitaker 
Robert Whitaker (British, 1939)
W. G. Whitaker (?–1944)
William Whitaker (American, 1943)
Tim Whitby (British)
W.R. Whitby (British)
William Whitby (British)
Jon Whitcomb (American, 1906–1988)
M.W. (Skip) Whitcomb 
Susie Whitcombe (British)
Thomas Whitcombe (British, 1763–1824)
Douglas White (British, 1977)
Herbert C. White (1872–1930)
J. White 
Katharine White 
White Elephant (Austrian)
White Furniture Company (American, 1946)
George W. White Jr. (American, 1903–1970)
Biddy White Napaljarri (1952)
A. A. White (American)
A. Lois White (1903–1984)
A.B. White 
Adele White (South African, 1931–1987)
Alan White 
Alvin A. White 
Angela White 
Archie White (1899–1957)
Arthur White (British, 1865–1953)
B. White (British)
Beatrice M. White 
Bernard White (Irish)
Biddy Napaljarri White (Aborigine, 1952)
Bob White 
Brian Eno and Pae White 
Bruce White (American)
Carl White 
Carrie Harper White 
Celine White (Canadian)
Charles White 
Charles Gier White 
Charles Henry White (American/Canadian, 1878–1918)
Charles J. White (American)
Charles Wilbert White (American, 1918–1979)
Charlie White (American, 1972)
Charlton White 
Cherry Ford White (American)
Chloe White 
Christian White (American, 1953)
Christopher White 
Clarence Hudson White (American, 1871–1925)
Clarence Scott White (American, 1872–1965)
Cynthia Janet White 
Daniel Thomas White 
Dave White (British, 1971)
David White 
Dondi White (American, 1961–1998)
Doris White 
Edith White (American, 1855–1946)
Edward White (British)
Edwin White (American, 1817–1877)
Edwin White 
Elis White 
Elizabeth White (American, 1893–1976)
Emma L.R. White (American, 1871–1953)
Eric White (American, 1968)
Ethelbert White (British, 1891–1972)
F. Faulkner White 
Fiona White (Australian, 1964)
Florence White (British)
Franklin White 
Frederick (Lieutenant) White (British)
Fritz White (American, 1930)
G.W. White 
Gabriel White (British, 1902–1988)
Gabriella Antoinette White (American, ?–1915)
George White (American, 1826–1872)
George White 
George Francis (Col.) White (British, 1808–1898)
George Harlow White (British, 1817–1888)
Gillian White (Swiss, 1939)
H. White 
H. G. White 
H. Mabel White (British)
Hannah White (1968)
Harold White 
Harvey White 
Henry White (British, 1819–1903)
Henry Cook White (American, 1861–1952)
Henry Hopley White (British, 1790–1876)
Ian White (1965)
Ian McKibbin White (American, 1929)
Ila Mae White (American)
Ines White (Argentine)
Isabel G. White 
J. Caribaldi White 
J. R. White 
J. Scott White 
J.P. White 
James White (British, 1967)
James Gilbert White 
James Talmage White (British, 1833–1907)
Jean Claude White 
Jean-Guy and Celine White 
Jeff White (American)
Jessie Grant White (South African, 1866–1955)
Joe White (American)
John White (American)
John White (British, 1851–1933)
John A. White (American, 1953)
John Blake White (American, 1781–1859)
John Claude White (British)
John Dove and Molly White 
John M. White (American, 1937)
Johnathan White 
Jonathan White 
Josephine H. J. White (1823)
Judith White 
Kriber White 
Larry White (1946)
Laura White (English)
Lee White (American)
Leo White (American, 1918)
Lorraine White (1935–1993)
Maggie White (born circa 1935)
Mark White 
Mary Bayard White (American, 1947)
Michael B. White (British, 1954)
Miles White (American, born after 1915–died after 2000)
Minnie F. White 
Minor White (American, 1908–1976)
Nakamarra Long Maggie White (Aborigine, born circa 1930)
Nancy White (American)
Napaljarri Sheila Brown and Napurrurla Dorothy White (Aborigine)
Nelson Cooke White (American)
Nelson H. White (American, 1932)
Nicolas White 
Nona White (American, 1859–1937)
Octavius White (Canadian)
Orrin A. White (American, 1883–1969)
Pae White (American, 1963)
Pam White 
Paul White 
Peggy White (Aborigine)
Peter White 
Phyllis White 
Ralph White (American)
Randy Lee White (1951)
Ray Charles White (Canadian, 1961)
Richardson White (American, 1904–1984)
Robert White 
Robert White (British, 1645–1703)
Robert L. White (American)
Robert. White (American, 1921)
Robin White (New Zealand)
Rodney White (American)
Roy White 
Ruby Zahn White (American, 1899–1986)
Russell White 
Ruth Taylor White (1899)
Saul White (American, 1922–2010)
Stanford White (American, 1853–1906)
Stephen White (American, 1939)
Steven White 
Susan Chrysler White 
Sydney W. White (British)
Theodore White 
Thomas Gilbert White (American, 1877–1939)
Tim White (British, XX)
Timothy White 
Timothy John White (Canadian, 1939–1999)
Tom White 
Tommy White 
Tony White (Australian)
Unk White 
Ursula White 
Valentino White (Italian, 1909–1985)
Vanessa White 
Vera M. White (American, 1888–1966)
Verner Moore White (American/British, 1863–1958)
W. W. White 
Wade White (American, 1909)
Walter White (American, 1876–1964)
Wayne White (American, 1957)
Wendy White (American, 1971)
William Davidson White (American, 1896)
Willie White (American, 1908–2000)
Baida Whitebead 
J.P. White-Bedford 
Robert Whitechurch (British, 1814–died circa 1883)
Thomas Whitecombe 
Whitefield and Smith 
Edwin Whitefield (American, 1816–1892)
R. Whitefield 
Kate Whiteford (1958)
Kate Whiteford 
Sidney Trefusis Whiteford (British)
Whitefriars Glass 
Darryl Whitegeese 
Michael J. Whitehand (British, 1941)
Buell Whitehead (American)
C. Whitehead 
Charles Whitehead (British)
David Whitehead (1959)
Elizabeth Whitehead (British)
Frances Whitehead 
Frederick (William Newton) Whitehead (British, 1853–1938)
Gamble Whitehead 
Glenn Whitehead 
Harold Whitehead 
Isaac Whitehead (Australian, ?–1883)
J.M. Whitehead 
Jane Byrd McCall Whitehead (American, 1861–1935)
Jerry Whitehead (Canadian)
John M. Whitehead (Scottish)
Oliver Robert Kirkland Whitehead (British, 1947)
R.H. Whitehead (British, 1855–1889)
Ralph Radcliffe Whitehead (American, 1854–1929)
Rhonda Whitehead 
Tom Whitehead 
Walter Whitehead (1874–1956)
Whitehill Silver & Plate Co. 
Baje Whitehorn Sr. 
Bessie Whitehorse 
Emmi Whitehorse 
Clayton Whitehouse (1936)
Florence Brooks Whitehouse (American, 1869–1945)
P. W. Whitehouse 
Vernon S. Whitehouse 
Camelia Whitehurst (American, 1871–1936)
Jessie H. Whitehurst (American, 1820–1875)
George Whitelaw (British)
John William Whitelaw (British)
Thomas Whitelaw 
Alfred Whiteley (British)
Brett Whiteley (Australian, 1939–1992)
Richard Whiteley (Australian, 1963)
F. Whitelly 
J. Whitelow (British)
John William Whitely (British)
Ed Whiteman 
Edward Russell Whiteman (American, 1938)
Frederic Whiteman 
Lesley Whiteman 
Paulette Tokar Whiteman (American)
Vera E Whiteman 
Violet Emily Whiteman (New Zealand, 1873–1952)
Colette Whiten (1945)
Kirsty Whiten (Scottish)
Cyril Whiteoak 
Michael Whiter 
Rachel Whiteread (British, 1963)
White's Studios 
Joseph Woodsen Whitesell (American, 1876–1958)
Whiteside & Blank 
Whiteside & Oaslake 
Brian Whiteside (British, 1934)
Frank Reed Whiteside (American, 1866–1929)
R. Cordelia Whiteside 
Bob Whitesitt 
Tim White-Sobieski (Polish, 1961)
Carl Whitfield (British, 1958)
John Whitfield (American)
Mary F. Whitfield (American, 1947)
N. Whitfield 
Richard Whitford Jr. (British, born circa 1821–1890)
R. Whitford 
Robert Whitford 
Sylvia Mills Whitham 
W. Whitham (British)
Whiting & Davis (Co.) (American, established 1876)
Whiting MFG. Co. (American, 1866)
Henry Whiting, Jr. 
Ada Whiting (1858)
Allen Whiting (American, 1946)
Daniel Powers Whiting (American, 1808–1892)
Florence Standish Whiting (American, 1888–1947)
Frank P. Whiting (American)
Frederic Whiting (British, 1874–1962)
Geoffrey Whiting 
H. Whiting 
Henry W. Whiting (American)
Jim Whiting (1951)
John R. Whiting 
Julia Whiting (British, 1993)
Lillian Whiting (American, 1876–1949)
Lorraine Whiting (1927)
Onslow Whiting (British)
Phil Whiting (British, 1948)
Russell Whiting 
Hy Whitkan 
Tjapananka Frankie Whitlam (1930)
J.M. Whitlatch 
Joseph Whitley 
K.B. Whitley 
Kate Mary Whitley (1860–1920)
Mikael Whitley 
Pete Whitley 
Robert Whitley (American)
Thomas W. Whitley (American)
John (Codner) Whitlock (British, 1913)
Sarah Huntington Whitlock (American)
William Whitlock 
C. Whitman (American)
Don Whitman (American)
Heidi Whitman 
Nancy Whitman 
P. M. Whitman 
Paul Whitman 
Robert Whitman (American, 1935)
S. Edwin Whitman 
Sarah Wyman Whitman (American, 1842–1904)
Mark Whitmarsh 
Bryan Whitmore 
Carole Whitmore (American)
Coby Whitmore (American, 1913–1988)
Douglas Annand and Arthur Whitmore 
Evelyn Wolryche Whitmore 
George (General Sir) Whitmore (British, 1775–1862)
Ian Whitmore (American)
John Whitmore (1948)
Ken Whitmore 
Maud M. Whitmore (British)
Olive Whitmore 
Robert Houston Whitmore (American, 1890)
Walter E. Whitnall (British)
Carol Whitney (American)
Daniel Webster Whitney 
Edgar Albert Whitney (American, 1891–1987)
Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney (American, 1875–1942)
Helen Reed Jones Whitney (American, 1878)
Joel Emmons Whitney (American, born after 1822–died after 1886)
Mac Whitney (American, 1936)
Philip Richardson Whitney 
Pollen and Whitney 
Richard W. Whitney (American, 1946)
Stanley Whitney (American, 1946)
William Whitney 
Edwin Whitney-Smith 
Thomas Whittake (British, 1910–1991)
C. Whittaker 
James W. Whittaker (American)
James William Whittaker (1828–1876)
John Whittaker (British)
John Bernard Whittaker (American, 1836–1926)
Laurence Whittaker (American)
Mark Whittaker 
Lilian E Whitteker (American, 1895–1978)
Amy Whittemore (American)
Helen Simpson Whittemore 
Margaret Whittemore (American)
William John Whittemore (American, 1860–1955)
Jack Whitten (American)
Paul F. Whitten 
Philip Whitten 
Willy Whitten 
C.H. Whittenbury (British)
Matthew Whittet 
Bonnie Whittingham 
Dorothy Whittingham 
William H. Whittingham (American, 1932)
F.W. Whittington 
Francis H Whittington 
Hector (Heck) Whittington 
Marjory Whittington 
William G. Whittington (British)
Whittle & Laurie 
Thomas Whittle the Elder (British)
Thomas Whittle the Younger (British, active circa 1856–1897)
Thomas Whittle, JNR (1865–1885)
H. A. Whittle (British)
Harry Armstrong Whittle (British)
Robert Whittle 
Ian Whittlesea (British, 1967)
Michael Whittlesea (1938)
Jack Whittlesey (American)
Marilyn Whittmore 
Irene F. Whittome (1942)
Robert Whitton (American)
Worthington Whittredge (American, 1820–1910)
Andrew Whittuck 
Jim Whitty 
Patricia Whitty (American, 1943)
Charles H. Whitworth (British)
Mia Whitworth