Artists Starting with L

Lin Aiguo (Chinese, 1926)
Lin Anran (Chinese, 1382–1434)
Lin Baoguo (Chinese, 1952)
Lin Baoheng (Chinese)
Lin Bi (Chinese)
Lin Biao (Chinese, 1907–1971)
Lin Bin (Chinese)
Lin Bin (Chinese)
Lin Bing (Chinese)
Lin Bingrong (Chinese)
Lin Bo (Chinese)
Lin Boqu (Chinese, 1886–1960)
Lin Boxi (Chinese)
Tang Yun and Lin Boxi (Chinese)
Xiao Tui and Lin Boxi (Chinese)
Lin Boying (Chinese)
Lin Busui (Chinese, 1872)
Lin Cen (Chinese)
Lin Chang (Chinese)
Wu Changshuo and Lin Chang (Chinese)
Lin Changmin (Chinese, 1876–1925)
Qi Baishi and Lin Changming 
Lin Chaojun 
Lin Chenghan (Chinese, 1943)
Lin Chengzao (Chinese)
Lin Chien-Jung 
Lin Chih-chu (Taiwanese, born after 1917)
Lin Chin Hsien (Chinese)
Lin Ching Fong (Taiwanese, 1984)
Lin Chun (Chinese)
Lin Chun Yan (Chinese, 1962)
Lin Chunxiao (Chinese)
Lin Chunyan (Chinese, 1962)
Lin Chunyuan (Chinese)
Lin Congquan (Chinese)
Lin Congyong (Chinese)
Lin Dachuan (Chinese, 1912–1985)
Lin Decai (Chinese, 1948)
Lin Deming (Chinese, 1904–1969)
Lin Dong (Chinese)
Lin Dong (Chinese)
Lin Dongjiao (Chinese, 1868–1937)
Lin Dongling (Chinese)
Lin Duo (Chinese, 1963)
Lin E Teng (Chinese)
Lin Fan (Chinese, 1931)
Lin Fan (Chinese, 1946)
Lin Fei (Chinese)
Lin Feifei (Chinese)
Lin Feisong (Chinese)
Lin Feng (Chinese, 1953)
Lin Fengguan (Chinese, 1817–1895)
Lin Fenghao (Chinese)
Lin Fengmian (Chinese, 1900–1991)
Lin Fengqing (Chinese)
Lin Fengsu (Chinese, 1939)
Lin Fuchang (Chinese)
Pang Dao and Lin Gang (Chinese)
Lin Gang (Chinese, 1967)
Lin Gang (Chinese, 1925)
Lin Gaoguan (Chinese)
Lin Ge (Chinese)
Lin Go-Ji 
Lin Guan (Chinese)
Lin Guang (Chinese, 1907–1979)
Lin Gui (Chinese)
Lin Guo (Chinese, 1956)
Lin Guocheng (Chinese, 1979)
Lin Guogeng (Chinese)
Lin Guoyao (Chinese, 1955)
Lin Hai (Chinese, 1978)
Lin Haike (Chinese)
Lin Hairong (Chinese, 1975)
Lin Haishan (Chinese)
Lin Haizhong (Chinese, 1968)
Lin Hanqiang (Chinese, 1972)
Lin Hanzhi (Chinese)
Lin Haohu (Chinese, 1976)
Lin Haoshen (Chinese)
Lin Hongji (Chinese, 1946–2001)
Liu Shumin and Lin Hongji (Chinese)
Lin Hongnian (Chinese, 1805–1885)
Lin Hongtai (Chinese)
Lin Hongyuan (Chinese)
Lin Hongzhu (Chinese, 1907–1990)
Lin Honji 
Lin Hsie-tsung (Taiwanese, 1933)
Lin Hsi-tang (Taiwanese, 1925–2002)
Lin Hu (Chinese, 1887–1960)
Lin Huanfeng (Chinese)
Lin Hugui (Chinese)
Lin Huihui (Chinese)
Lin Huiyin (Chinese, 1904–1955)
Lin Hukui (Chinese, 1945)
Lin Hung-chi (Chinese, 1946)
Lin Ji (Chinese)
Lin Jia (Chinese, 1874–1939)
Lin Jiabing (Chinese, 1945)
Lin Jiaguo (Chinese, 1939)
Lin Jiahong (Taiwanese, 1984)
Lin Jian (Chinese)
Lin Jian (Chinese, 1973)
Lin Jiandan (Chinese, 1942)
Lin Jianfeng (Chinese)
Lin Jiangdong (Chinese, 1945)
Lin Jianshou (Chinese, 1977)
Lin Jiantong (Chinese, 1911–1994)
Zhao Shaoang Lin Jiantong, Zheng Jiazhen and (Chinese)
Lin Jianzhang (Chinese)
Lin Jiao (Chinese)
Lin Jiazhen (Chinese)
Lin Jichang (Chinese)
Lin Jie (Chinese)
Lin Jiehou (Chinese, 1887–1951)
Lin Jieru (Chinese, 1905–1988)
Lin Jiheng (Chinese, 1590–1647)
Lin Jin (Chinese, 1923–2004)
Lin Jin Cheng (Chinese)
Lin Jinda 
Lin Jinding (Chinese)
Lin Jinfu (Chinese, 1978)
Lin Jing (Chinese, 1974)
Lin Jingjing (Chinese, 1970)
Lin Jinrong (Chinese, 1974)
Lin Jinxiu (Chinese)
Cai Hezhou and Lin Jinxiu (Chinese)
Kang Shiyao and Lin Jinxiu (Chinese)
Lin Jun (Chinese, 1921)
Lin Jun (Chinese)
Lin Jun-Hui 
Lin Junlong (Chinese)
Lin Junmo 
Lin Junxuan (Chinese, 1908–1995)
Lin Jyu (Taiwanese, 1959)
Lin Kai (Chinese, 1924–2006)
Lin Kai (Chinese)
Lin Kaisheng (Chinese)
Lin Kegong (Taiwanese, 1901–1992)
Lin Keke (Chinese, 1967)
Lin Kelai (Chilean)
Lin Keming (Chinese, active 1910)
Lin Kesui (Chinese)
Lin Kin-Ling (Chinese, 1885–1968)
Lin Ko-kung (Taiwanese, 1901–1992)
Lin Lan (Chinese, 1971)
Lin Lang (Chinese)
Lin Lanzi (Chinese)
Lin Liang (Chinese, 1436–1487)
Lin Liangfeng (Chinese, 1962)
Lin Liang-tsai (Taiwanese, born after 1947)
Lin Lie (Chinese)
Lin Liling (Chinese, 1965)
Lin Liming (Chinese)
Lin Lingcang 
Lin Lingxu (Chinese, 1678–1743)
Lin Mao (Chinese, 1975)
Lin Maosen (Chinese, 1960)
Lin Maosheng (Taiwanese, 1887)
Lin Maossen 
Lin Mei (Chinese)
Lin Meilan (Chinese, 1940–2008)
Lin Meiqing 
Lin Meishu (Chinese, 1910–1985)
Lin Meiying (Chinese)
Lin Mengsong (Chinese, 1920)
Huang Zixi and Lin Mengsong (Chinese)
Lin Miche (Chinese)
Lin Min En (Chinese, 1954)
Lin Mingchen (Chinese, 1941)
Lin Mingchen (Chinese, 1964)
Lin Mingfan (Chinese)
Lin Minggang (Chinese, 1952)
Lin Mingjun (Chinese)
Lin Mo (Chinese, 1962)
Lin Muyan (Chinese)
Lin Naihe (Chinese, 1957)
Lin Paochia (1915–1991)
Lin Peisong (Chinese)
Lin Peng (Chinese, 1928)
Lin Ping (Chinese)
Lin Po-Jui (Taiwanese, 1961)
Lin Pu (Chinese, 1926)
Lin Qian (Chinese)
Lin Qianshi (Chinese, 1918–1990)
Fan Zeng and Lin Qin (Chinese)
Guan Liang and Lin Qin (Chinese)
Lin Qing (Chinese)
Lin Qingni (Chinese, 1914)
Su Baozhen, Huang Junbi and Lin Qingni (Chinese)
Wang Shangyi and Lin Qingni (Chinese)
Zhang Daqian and Lin Qingni 
Lin Qingping (Chinese)
Chen Xiaomei and Lin Qingping (Chinese)
Lin Qingsong (Chinese, 1947)
Lin Qiongyao (Chinese)
Lin Qiugu (Chinese)
Lin Quan (Chinese)
Lin Quanju (Taiwanese, 1963)
Lin Ran (Chinese, 1958)
Lin Renjing (Chinese)
Lin Riguang (Chinese)
Lin Rong (Chinese)
Lin Rongsheng (Chinese, 1958)
Man Weiqi and Lin Rongsheng (Chinese)
Lin Rui (Chinese, 1975)
Lin Ruien (Chinese)
Lin Ruofu (Chinese)
Lin Ruoxi (Chinese, 1963)
Lin Sanzhi (Chinese, 1898–1989)
Gao Ershi and Lin Sanzhi 
Song Wenzhi and Lin Sanzhi (Chinese)
Yuan Lin and Lin Sanzhi (Chinese)
Lin Sen (Chinese, 1868–1943)
Lin Shaobo (Chinese)
Lin Shaodan (Chinese, 1919–1993)
Lin Shaohong (Chinese, 1966)
Lin shaoling (Chinese, 1957)
Lin Shaoming (Chinese, 1930)
Lin Shaomu (Chinese)
Lin Shaonian (Chinese)
Lin Shaoyi (Chinese)
Lin Shaozu (Chinese)
Lin Sheng (Chinese, 1931)
Lin Shengyang 
Lin Shengyuan (American/Chinese, 1965)
Lin Shidao (Chinese)
Lin Shienmao (Taiwanese, 1955)
Lin Shiluo (Chinese)
Lin Shishui (Chinese)
Lin Shoujun (Chinese)
Liu Changchao and Lin Shouyi (Chinese)
Lin Shouyi (Chinese, 1901–1990)
Lin Shouyi (Taiwanese, 1916–2011)
Lin Shu (Chinese, 1852–1924)
Lin Shu and Zhang Xhiham 
Chen Baochen and Lin Shu (Chinese)
Fan Zengxiang and Lin Shu (Chinese)
Jin Chen, Ren Yu and Lin Shu (Chinese)
Lin Shu-min (Thai, 1963)
Lin Shunü (Chinese, 1955)
Lin Shunwen (Chinese, 1965)
Lin Shunyan (Chinese)
Lin Shupan 
Lin Si (Chinese)
Lin Sijin (Chinese, 1872–1953)
Lin Sunruo (Chinese)
Lin Tairan (Chinese, 1973)
Lin Tao (Chinese, 1968)
Lin Tianfu (Taiwanese, 1962)
Lin Tianjue (Chinese)
Lin Tianmiao (Chinese, 1961)
Wang Gongxin and Lin Tianmiao (Chinese)
Lin Tianqiang (Chinese)
Lin Tianrui (Chinese, 1927)
Lin Tianshi (Chinese, 1934)
Lin Tianxing (Chinese, 1963)
Lin Utzon (Danish, 1946)
Lin Wei (Chinese, 1962)
Lin Wei (Chinese)
Lin Wei-min (Taiwanese, 1963)
Lin Weiming (Chinese, 1951)
Lin Weixiang (Chinese, 1982)
Lin Wen (Chinese)
Lin Wenjie (Chinese, 1947)
Lin Wenju (Chinese)
Lin Wenqiang (Taiwanese, 1943)
Lin Wenxin (Chinese, 1931)
Lin Xi (Chinese, 1978)
Lin Xi (Chinese)
Lin Xiancai (Chinese, 1973)
Lin Xiang (Chinese)
Lin Xiangfen (Chinese)
Lin Xiangming (Chinese, 1973)
Lin Xianhu (Chinese)
Lin Xianjing 
Lin Xiao (Chinese, 1955)
Lin Xiaochu (Chinese, 1977)
Lin Xiaoxun (Chinese)
Lin Xiaozhi (Chinese, 1928)
Lin Xiguang (Chinese, 1882)
Lin Ximing (Chinese, 1926)
Zhou Huijun and Lin Ximing (Chinese)
Tang Yun and Lin Ximing (Chinese)
Lin Xin (Chinese, 1979)
Lin Xingyue (Taiwanese)
Lin Xiongjia (Chinese)
Lin Xiongxiang (Taiwanese, 1896–1973)
Lin Xiu (Chinese, 1945)
Lin Xuankai (Chinese)
Lin Xuechun (Chinese)
Lin Xuewei (Chinese)
Lin Xueyan (Chinese, 1912–1965)
Ge Xianglan and Lin Xueyan 
Yang Qianli and Lin Xueyan (Chinese)
Lin Yabing (Chinese, 1972)
Lin Yajie (Chinese, 1943)
Lin Yan (Chinese, 1961)
Lin Yan (Chinese)
Lin Yanbo (Chinese, 1893–1944)
Lin Yanggang 
Lin Yangzheng (Chinese, 1923)
Lin Yanhui (Chinese)
Lin Yao-sheng (Taiwanese, 1954)
Lin Yaoyu (Chinese)
Lin Yigeng (Chinese, 1958)
Lin Yilin (Chinese, 1964)
Lin Yilin (Chinese)
Lin Yilong (Taiwanese, 1987)
Lin Yin (Chinese)
Lin Ying (Chinese)
Lin Yingyi (Chinese, 1917–2007)
Lin Yingyu 
Lin Yipu (Chinese, 1981)
Lin Yizhong (Chinese, 1887–1984)
Lin Yizong (Chinese)
Lin Yong (Chinese, 1942)
Huang Yongyu and Lin Yong (Chinese)
Su Hua and Lin Yong (Chinese)
Tang Xiaoming and Lin Yong (Chinese)
Tang Xiaoming, Lin Hongji and Lin Yong (Chinese)
Tang Xiaoming, Wang Yujue and Lin Yong (Chinese)
Wang Yujue, Li Guohua and Lin Yong (Chinese)
Lin Yonghui (Chinese)
Lin Yongkang (Chinese, 1959)
Lin Yongsong (Chinese, 1963)
Lin Youxia (Chinese)
Lin Yu (Chinese)
Lin Yuan (Taiwanese, 1913–1991)
Yu Shui and Lin Yuan (Chinese)
Lin Yue (Chinese)
Lin Yueguang (Chinese, 1957)
Lin Yueheng (Chinese, 1935)
Lin Yueping (Chinese)
Lin Yuhua (1933)
Lin Yunnan (Chinese, 1945)
Lin Yunru (Chinese, 1982)
Lin Yushan (Taiwanese, 1907–2004)
Lin Yusi (Chinese)
Lin Yutang (Chinese, 1895–1976)
Feng Chaoran and Lin Yutang (Chinese)
Lin Yuxin (Chinese, 1968)
Lin Yuying (Chinese)
Jiang Aisong and Lin Yuyong (Chinese)
Lin Yuyu (Chinese, 1950)
Lin Zecang (Chinese, 1903–1961)
Lin Zexu (Chinese, 1786–1850)
Guo Shangxian and Lin Zexu (Chinese)
Huang Shaomu, Ruan Yuan, Xu Zhengshou and Lin Zexu (Chinese)
Lin Zhanchun (Chinese)
Lin Zhangghu (1955)
Lin Zhaogui (Chinese)
Lin Zhaokai (Chinese)
Lin Zhaoqi (Chinese, 1859–1930)
Lin Zhaotang (Chinese, 1786–1872)
Lin Zhe (Chinese)
Lin Zhengming (Chinese, 1958)
Lin Zhenlong (Taiwanese, 1955)
Lin Zhi Peng (Chinese)
Lin Zhibin (Chinese)
Lin Zhifan (Chinese)
Lin Zhifeng 
Lin Zhijun (Chinese, 1878–1961)
Lin Zhimian (Chinese, 1888–1934)
Lin Zhimin (Chinese, 1969)
Lin Zhixia (Chinese, 1878–1947)
Lin Zhixin (Taiwanese, 1936)
Lin Zhiyao (Chinese, 1942)
Lin Zhiyuan (Chinese, 1956)
Lin Zhizheng (Chinese, 1873–1956)
Lin Zhong (Chinese)
Lin Zhongxing (Chinese)
Lin Zhongxing (Chinese, 1938)
Lin Zhongyang (Chinese, 1957)
Lin Zhushi (Chinese)
Lin Zizu (Taiwanese, 1917)
Lin Zongfan (Taiwanese, 1979)
Lin Zou (Chinese)
Lin Zunyan (Chinese)
Adam Lin (Chinese)
Amy K. Lin (1975)
Cynthia Lin (American)
Hans Lin (Dutch, 1630–1670)
Herman van Lin (Dutch)
Hilla Lulu Lin (Israeli, 1964)
Li-Ling Lin 
Maya Lin (American, 1959)
Michael Lin (Taiwanese, 1964)
Monika Lin (American)
N.B. Lin 
Richard Lin (British, 1933)
Shih-Yung Lin 
Shun-Shiung Lin 
Tan Lin (Japanese, 1782–1852)
Dagmar Lina