Artists Starting with D

Jean Didier Début (French, 1824–1893)
Marcel Debut (French, 1865–1933)
Jacqueline Debutler 
Yves Decadt (Belgian)
David Decamp (1970)
F. Decamp 
Joseph Rodefer DeCamp (American, 1858–1923)
Michael Decamp (active circa 1975)
Ralph Earl DeCamp (American, 1858–1936)
René Decamp (French)
Albert Decamps (French, 1862–1908)
Alexandre Gabriel Decamps (French, 1803–1860)
Maurice Alfred Decamps (French, 1892–1953)
Theodore Deck and L. Decamps 
Eugene Decan (French, 1829–1894)
Théophile-Henry Decanis (1848–1917)
Roy DeCarava (American, 1919–2009)
Albert Decaris (French, 1901–1988)
Albert (Januarius di Decarli) Decarli (1907–1996)
Paolo Decarli 
Werner DeCaro (German, 1945)
Alberto Decastro 
Siot Decauville 
Gérard Decaux (French, active circa 1960)
Hubert Decaux 
Iphigenie Decaux (French, 1780–1862)
Jacques Decaux (1920)
Roger Decaux 
Roussel Decaux 
Yona Friedman and Jean Baptiste Decavele (French)
Dino Decca (Italian, 1935–2005)
Rudy Decelière 
Philippe Decelle (Belgian, 1948)
Francks Francois Deceus (American, 1966)
Florent Vincent Emile Lucien Dechaineux (Belgian, 1869–1957)
Caroline Dechamby (Dutch, 1964)
E. Dechampes 
Dechamps (French, XIX)
Maurice Dechamps (Belgian)
Miles Boyer Dechant (American, 1890–1942)
Y. Dechant (French, XIX)
Peter Dechar (American, 1942)
Etienne Dechaud (French, 1821)
Denis Geoffroy Dechaume (French, 1922)
Pierre-Toussaint Dechazelle (French, 1752–1833)
Louis Auguste Dechelette (French, 1894–1964)
Elie Jean B. Dechelle (French, 1874–1937)
Adolphe Dechenaud (French, 1868–1929)
Françoise Dechery 
Daniel Dechev 
Claude Dechezelle 
Géry Dechin (French, 1882–1915)
Jules Dechin (French, 1869–1947)
Marcel Dechiravit 
Rolande (Mme Verge-Sarrat) Dechorain (French)
Francois-Emile Dechorchement 
Johan Dechuymer 
Michel Decimoni 
Lucio Decio (XX)
Eugène Decisy (French, 1866–died circa 1936)
Albert Anker and Théodor Deck 
Anthony Ludovic Régnier and Théodore Deck 
Ferdinand Levillain and Théodore Deck 
Leo Deck (Swiss, 1908–1997)
Norman C. Deck 
Theodore Deck (French, 1823–1891)
John Silk Deckard (American)
Adrian Deckbar (American, born after 1950)
Andreas Deckelmann (German, 1820–1882)
Paul Decker the Elder (German, 1677–1713)
Paul Decker the Younger (German, 1685–1742)
A. Cornelis Decker (Flemish, 1625–1678)
Albert Decker (French, 1817–1871)
Albert Frederic Decker (Swiss, 1875–1952)
Alice Decker (American, 1901–1979)
Anja Decker (German, 1908–1995)
B. Decker (Swiss)
Carl Decker (1879–1958)
Conraet Decker (Dutch, 1651–died circa 1709)
Cornelis Gerritsz Decker (Dutch, 1625–1678)
Frans Decker (Dutch, 1684–1751)
Friedrich Decker (German, 1960)
Gabriel Decker (Hungarian, 1821–1855)
Georg Decker (Hungarian, 1819–1894)
Heinz Decker (Swedish, 1919)
Heinz H.R. Decker (German, 1938)
Hilde de Decker 
Johann Stephan Decker (1784–1844)
John Decker 
Jos de Decker (Belgian, 1912–2000)
Joseph Decker (American, 1853–1924)
Karl Decker (1906)
Katie Decker (American)
Kip Decker 
Luc de Decker (1907–1982)
Marie-Laure de Decker (French, 1947)
R. von Decker (German)
Richard Decker (American, 1907)
Robert M. Decker (American, 1847–1912)
Simone Decker (Luxembourger, 1968)
William A. Decker (American)
Edouard Deckers (Belgian, 1873–1956)
Emile Deckers (Belgian, 1885–1968)
J. Deckers (Flemish)
Jan Deckers (Belgian, 1835)
Louis Deckers (Belgian, 1846)
Marie Deckers 
Vincent Deckers (German, 1864–1905)
Fritz Deckert (German)
Carl Friedrich Deckler (German, 1838–1918)
Victor Deckmyn (German)
Nikolaus Deckwer (German, 1919)
Sebastian Deckwer (German, 1920–1985)
Franz Deckwitz (1934)
Jan Deckx 
Jan Decleir 
Henri Declerck 
Alain Declercq (French, 1969)
J. Declercq 
Jeanne Susplugas and Alain Declercq 
Decleur (Belgian)
Mario Decleva (Austrian, 1930–1979)
Decloux et Mathelin 
Henri Declume 
Elizabeth and Francis Decobert-Begou (French)
Alexandre Descatoire and Emile Decoeur 
Edmond Lachenal and Emile Decoeur 
Émile Decoeur (French, 1876–1953)
Jean-Marie Decoeur (1822)
Louis Decoeur (Belgian, 1884–1960)
Seraphin Soudbinine and Emile Decoeur 
Claude Decombe 
Franky Deconinck (Belgian, 1957)
Octave Deconnick (Dutch, 1894–1974)
Jan Deconynck (Belgian, 1964)
Celina Decoracoes 
François-Emile Decorchemont (French, 1880–1971)
Jean Decorde (1948)
Pierre Decoreis (1834–1902)
Cécile Decorniquet (French, 1983)
Nicolas Decorsi (Italian, 1882–1956)
Jules Decort (1918–1999)
Cy DeCosse (American, 1929)
J. Decoster 
Jean Decoster (Belgian, 1952)
Marc Decoster (French)
Nathalie Decoster 
Germaine Decot (French)
Nicole Decote (French)
Deco-Tex Carver (American)
Branson Decou 
Emile Decour (1876–1953)
Jean Decourcette (French, 1791–1857)
Jean Decourt 
Robert Decouvoux 
Gilbert Decoux (1928)
Michel Decoux (Belgian, 1837–1924)
Olivier Decoux (French, 1968)
Paul Decoux 
Bart Decq 
Francois Decq (1951)
Odile Decq (French, 1955)
Florentin Decraene (Belgian, 1795–1852)
Marie Decraene 
L. Decrais 
Philippe Decrauzat (Swiss, 1974)
Alfred DeCredico 
Decrickx (French)
Paul Decrind (1916–1995)
John Decritz the Elder (British, born circa 1555–died before 1641)
John Decritz the Younger (British, born circa 1600)
Emmanuel Decritz (British, 1608–1665)
Georges Decroix (French)
Georgette Decroix-Dugue (French)
John DeCuir (American, 1918–1991)
Joseph August Decuir (American, 1852–1928)
Anne Decup (1960)
Giorgio DeCurso (Italian)
Jonathan De Pas, Donato D'Urbino, Paolo Lomazzi, and Giorgio Decurso 
Mihail Decuseara