Artists Starting with C

Jacques François Camille Clère (French, 1825–1918)
Jeanine le Clere (XX)
Sonya Clerehan 
Jean-Paul Cleren (French, 1940)
A. Clerge 
Auguste-Joseph Clerge (French, 1891–1963)
Victorine Clergeau-Lacroix (1797–1841)
Hubert Clerger 
Yvonne Clergerie (French, 1942)
Adèle Clerget (French)
Alexandre Clerget (French, 1856)
Hubert Clerget (French, 1818–1899)
Lucien Clergue (French, 1934)
Noel-Thomas-Joseph Clerian (French, 1796–1843)
François Cléric (French)
Carlos Clerice 
François & Victor Clerice (French)
Fabrizio Clerici (Italian, 1913–1993)
Leone Clerici (Italian)
Pietro Clerici (Italian, 1877–1959)
William Clerihew 
Charles-Louis Clérisseau (French, 1722–1820)
Hubert Clerissi 
John Clerk Of Eldin (Scottish, 1728–1812)
Emeril Clerk 
Johann de Clerk (Dutch)
Pierre Clerk (Canadian, 1928)
William F. Clerk (American)
Anton de Clerke (British)
Hermine de Clermont Tonnerre 
Andien de Clermont (French, 1716–1783)
Auguste-Henri-Louis de Clermont (French, 1810–1895)
Jean Clermont (French, 1630–1660)
Jean François Clermont (French, 1717–1807)
Louis Clermont (French)
M. de Clermont 
Adhémar Louis de (Vicomte) Clermont-Gallerande (French, ?–1895)
Jean de Clermont-Tonnerre (French)
Henri Le Clerq 
Louis de Clerq (1827–1906)
Jules Clerson (French)
Iris Clert 
Ralph Rumney & Iris Clert 
Raymond Hains & Iris Clert 
Roy Adzak and Iris Clert 
Jean Clerte (French, 1930)
Jean Cortot and Jean Clerté (French)
Auguste Clervaux (Haitian)
Joseph Clery 
Pierre Edouard Cléry (French)
Meg Clery-Charcot 
G. Clesinger (French)
H. Clesinger 
J. Clesinger 
Jean-Baptiste Clésinger (French, 1814–1883)
Jean Henri Cless (French)
Daniel Clesse (1932)
Louis Liéven Théophile Clesse (Belgian, 1889–1961)
Auguste Clessinger (1814–1883)
Abraham Clet (French, 1966)
Daniel Cletcher (Dutch)
Peter Cleutjens (1967)
Hendrick van Cleve III (Flemish, 1525–1589)
Jan van Cleve III (Flemish, 1646–1716)
Hendrick van Cleve IV (Flemish, 1598–1646)
Marten van Cleve the Elder (Flemish, 1527–1581)
Marten van Cleve the Younger (Flemish, born circa 1556–died circa 1604)
Agnes Cleve (Swedish, 1876–1951)
Barbara van Cleve (American)
Corneille van Clève (French, born circa 1644–1735)
Cornelis van Cleve (Flemish, 1520–1569)
Hildur Cleve (1870–1944)
J. van Cleve 
Joos van Cleve (Dutch, born circa 1485–died circa 1540)
Joos van der Beke Cleve (Flemish, 1520–1569)
Marten van Cleve 
Oscar Cleve (Swedish, 1906–1991)
Theodore van Cleve 
van Cleve 
Buster Cleveland 
Les Cleveland 
Stephen G. Cleveland 
John Cleveley the Younger (British, 1747–1786)
John Cleveley (British, born circa 1712–1777)
Robert Cleveley (British, 1747–1809)
Antoine Clevenbergh (Flemish, 1755–1810)
Ch. Ant. Clevenbergh (Flemish, 1796)
Joseph Clevenbergh (Flemish, 1796)
Clevenger Brothers Glassworks 
Shobal Vail Clevenger (American, 1812–1843)
Vern Clevenger (1955)
N. Clever 
Peter Cleverley 
R. F. Cleverly 
Clewell Pottery (American)
John Clewes 
Harold James Cleworth (American)
Clews & Co. 
Leo Cleymans 
Franz Cleyn (German, 1582–1658)
Bernardus Cleynhens (1702–1779)
Lynne Clibanoff (American, 1944)
la Cristallerie de Clichy (French)
J.H. Click 
Robert Clief (Belgian, 1945)
Graham Clienerd 
A. Clif 
Clarice Cliff & Moorcroft (British)
Clarice Cliff (British, 1899–1972)
Doris Cliff 
Sir Frank Brangwyn and Clarice Cliff 
Henry Cliffe (British, 1919–1983)
Olive Cliffe 
Cary Clifford 
Charles Clifford (British, born circa 1819–1863)
Edward Clifford (British, 1844–1907)
Edward C. Clifford (British, 1858–1910)
Frank Clifford (1916)
H.J. Clifford 
Henry Clifford (British, born after 1821–died after 1905)
Henry Charles Clifford (British, 1861–1947)
Howard Clifford (1950–2003)
James Clifford (Australian, born after 1936–died after 1987)
Jane Clifford 
Jenna Clifford (South African)
John Henry Clifford (1879)
Neil Clifford 
Paul Clifford (British)
Sir Henry Hugh Clifford (British, 1826–1883)
Ali Clift (American)
John Russell Clift (1925)
Stephan Clift (British)
Will Clift (American, 1978)
William Clift (American, 1944)
Clifton (American, 1905)
A.M. Clifton (British)
F. Clifton (British, 1830–1898)
F.C. Clifton (American)
Hewitt Clifton (British)
John S. Clifton (British)
Larissa Clifton (Aborigine)
Marshall Clifton (Australian, 1903–1975)
Mary Heilmann and Ricky Clifton (American)
Romola Clifton (1935)
William Clifton (British, ?–1885)
Olivia Clifton-Bligh (British)
Richard Clifton-Dey (British)
Graham Barry Clilverd (British, 1886)
Paulo Climachauska 
Winfield Scott Clime (American, 1881–1958)
Vicente Climent Pastor 
Elena Climent (Mexican, 1955)
Enrique Climent (Spanish, –1980)
Tom Climent (Irish, 1970)
Lindee Climo 
Danny Clinch 
Robert Clinch (Australian, 1957)
Victor de Clinchamp (French, 1787–1880)
Laura Cline 
Mary Van Cline 
Michael Cline (American, 1973)
Michael Cline (American, 1973)
Tricia Cline (American)
Benjamin West Clinedinst (American, 1859–1931)
May Spear Clinedinst (American, 1887–1960)
Alice Cling 
Robert Clinger (American)
Raliek G. Clinkscales 
Alfred Clint (British, 1807–1883)
George Clint (British, 1770–1854)
Barry Clinton 
F. Clinton (British)
J. Clinton 
Margery Clinton 
Marjorie Clinton 
J. Clinys 
Catherine de Clippel 
Martha Clippinger (American)
Rene Cliquet (French)
Gérard Clisson 
Dennis Clive (American, 1950)
Henry O’Hara Clive (American, 1881–1960)
Richard C. Clive (1912)
Robert Clive 
Merton Clivette (1868–1931)