Anne Hardy  (British, 1970) 


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Anne Hardy, Tonight


Anne Hardy

Cardi Gallery
Anne Hardy, Script


Anne Hardy
Maureen Paley
Anne Hardy, Notations


Anne Hardy
Maureen Paley
Anne Hardy, Shelf


Anne Hardy

Maureen Paley
Anne Hardy, Residual Balance


Anne Hardy
Residual Balance

Maureen Paley
Anne Hardy, Suite


Anne Hardy

Maureen Paley
Anne Hardy, Wild Pears and Brass


Anne Hardy
Wild Pears and Brass
Southwest Gallery
Anne Hardy, Rabbit Thistles and Brass


Anne Hardy
Rabbit Thistles and Brass
Southwest Gallery
Anne Hardy, Interval


Anne Hardy

Maureen Paley
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Anne Hardy, Lumber


Anne Hardy
Lumber, 2003
c-print, mntd to diasec


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Anne Hardy, Untitled (Plants)


Anne Hardy
Untitled (Plants), 2004
c-print, mntd


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Anne Hardy, Untitled (Cobwebs)


Anne Hardy
Untitled (Cobwebs), 2003
color coupler print, mntd


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1970   Born, UK
2000   Royal College of Art, MA Photography
  Currently lives and works in London
  2005/6 Visiting Fellow in the Centre for photographic Research at the University of Newport
  2004 ArtSway Residency
  2004 British Council Travel Award
  2003 British Council Travel Award
2012   Secession, Vienna, Austria (solo)
2011   An Orchestrated Vision: The Theater of Contemporary Photography, St Louis Art Museum, Saint Louis
2009   Maureen Paley, London, UK (solo)
2008   Bellwether Gallery, New York, USA (solo)
2008   Untitled (Vicarious): Photographing the Constructed Object, Gagosian, New York, US
2008   Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art, Barbican Art Gallery, London, UK
2008   Greetings from Thingland, Friends of Helsinki Biennale, Helsinki Biennale, Helsinki Design Museum, Finland
2008   New Photography in Britain, Galleria Civica di Modena, Italy
2008   A Stain Upon The Silence, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London, UK
2008   The Brotherhood of Subterranea, Kunstbunker, Nuremberg, Germany
2007   07/08, Bellwether, New York, USA
2007   52nd International Art Exhibition: La Biennale di Venezia, New Forest Pavilion, Venice, Italy
2007   New Forest Pavilion Local, ArtSway, UK
2007   STILL LIFE, STILL: contemporary variations, T 1+2 Gallery, London, UK
2007   The Juddykes, The Old Art Shop at John Jones, London, UK
2007   The Lucifer Effect, Primo Alonso, London, UK
2006   Maureen Paley, London, UK (solo)
2006   MERZ, Magazin4, Bregenzer Kunstverein, Austria, curated by Peter Lewis
2005   to be continued…/jaatku… Kunsthalle Helsinki, Finland, curated by Brett Rodgers and Mika Elo
2005   Faux Realism part 1, Royal Academy Hornsey Pumphouse Gallery, London, UK
2005   ArtSway, Sway, UK (solo)
2004   Laing Solo, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, UK (solo)
2004   Interior Landscapes, Quicksilver Galerie, Berlin, Germany (solo)
2004   The House in The Middle, Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne, UK
2004   Really True! Photography and the promise of reality, Ruhrlandsmuseum, Essen, Germany
2004   Polaroid, 39, London, UK
2004   Handluggage, K3, Zurich, Switzerland
2004   Half Light, Rockwell, London, with Gordon Cheung and Maxwell Attenborough
2003   see. Be seen. VTO, London, UK
2003   London Calling, contemporary, Berlin, Germany
2003   Isabella Brancollini, Florence, Italy
2003   -portal, Studio J, Osaka, Japan
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