labstraction by andré lhote


Jun 18, 2014–Jul 7, 2014

Waterhouse & Dodd
London, United Kingdom

Waterhouse & Dodd are delighted to present an exhibition of paintings from private collections by the founders of Cubism and the Section d’Or.
While th...

france, pays des arts french paintings 1920 1950 by andré lhote

FRANCE, PAYS DES ARTS French Paintings 1920 1950

Apr 2, 2014–May 2, 2014

Whitford Fine Art
London, United Kingdom

Artistic life in France during the first half of the twentieth century was characterised by an explosion of creativity, establishing it again as the world's cen...

gallerys inventory of french post-impressionists by andré lhote

Gallerys inventory of French Post-Impressionists

Jan 1, 2014–Feb 1, 2014

Soufer Gallery
New York, NY USA

20th century French Paintings and Brother Thomas Porcelain

post-impressionist modern paintings, works on paper sculptures by andré lhote

Post-Impressionist Modern Paintings, Works on Paper Sculptures

Nov 1, 2011–Jan 10, 2012

Soufer Gallery
New York, NY USA

Selected Artists Bombois
Van Dongen