André Derain  (French, 1880-1954) 

André Derain (French, 1880–1954) was a painter, sculptor, and printmaker, and an important figure in the Fauvism movement. He took his first painting lessons during his teenage years from La Noé. From 1898 to 1900, Derain shared a studio with two other young Fauvists, Henri Matisse (French, 1869–1954) and Maurice de Vlaminck (French, 1876–1958), while at the same time taking classes at Paris's Académie Carrière. In 1904, Derain attended the Académie Julian and traveled with Matisse to Collioure, a small town in the French Mediterranean, where both did artists did a lot of painting.

Derain was partially responsible for the Fauvists' name, since art critic Louis Vauxcelles, disapproving of Matisse and Derain's unnaturally bright colors, described the paintings they exhibited at the Paris Salon d''Automne as "les Fauves," or "the wild beasts." In 1906, at the request of art dealer Ambroise Vollard, Derain traveled to London, where he painted a series of 30 brightly-colored paintings of the city, including one of his best-known works, Charing Cross Bridge (1901). The following year, Derain moved to Montmartre so that he could be close to his artist friends, including Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881–1973), and began to sculpt stone. He began his gothic period in 1911, using austere forms and more muted colors than he had done so previously. Some of these paintings were displayed at the Armory Show in New York and at Berlin's Erster Herbstsalon. After fighting in World War I, Derain began to paint more traditional works and came to be seen as a leader in Classicism. Throughout the 1920s, he created his well-known paintings of performers and dancers, including Harlequin and Pierrot (1924).

After he won the Carnegie Prize in 1920, Derain’s work began to be exhibited widely around the world. The Kunsthalle in Berne, Switzerland, held Derain's first serious retrospective in 1935; around the same time, the artist moved to Chambourcy, France. By the time the Germans occupied France during World War II, Derain was living in Paris. He was part of a group of French artists who visited Nazi sculptor Arno Breker's exhibition in Berlin, so after the Liberation he was widely viewed as a collaborator. During the 1940s, Derain worked in Donnemarie and Chambourcy. In the years before his death, he concentrated on sculpting. His paintings can now be seen at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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André Derain, Fete Champetre (detail)


André Derain
Fete Champetre (detail)
Grace Lane Gallery
André Derain, Fete Champetre


André Derain
Fete Champetre
Grace Lane Gallery
André Derain, Nu Assis


André Derain
Nu Assis

Auction: Apr 18, 2014
Mallet Japan
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André Derain, Portrait de jeune fille sur fond noir


André Derain
Portrait de jeune fille sur fond noir
circa 1935-1939

Galerie Michael Haas
André Derain, Portrait de Femme


André Derain
Portrait de Femme
circa 1946-1950

Galerie Michael Haas
André Derain, Femme aux cheveux longs revenant sur la poitrine


André Derain
Femme aux cheveux longs revenant sur la poitrine
Galerie Michael Haas
André Derain, Femme accoudée


André Derain
Femme accoudée
circa 1940-1945

Galerie Michael Haas
André Derain, Nue de Dos


André Derain
Nue de Dos
Gallery Jones
André Derain, Martigues


André Derain

Gallery Jones
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André Derain, Nu assis


André Derain
Nu assis, 1925
oil on canvas


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André Derain, Deux femmes de profil


André Derain
Deux femmes de profil


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André Derain, Nu


André Derain
oil on canvas


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