BFA from School of the Art Institute, Chicago
Universität Der Künste Berlin, Klasse Katarina Sieverding
Städelschule Frankfurt, Klasse Mark Leckey


World Community Grid Water Features, Gallery Niklas Belenius, Stockholm, Sweden (solo)
World Community Grid Water Features, Gentili Apri, Berlin, Germany (solo)
And The Seasons, 0047, Oslo, Norway (solo)
100th Exhibition, Autocenter, Berlin, Germany (solo)
Artist of the Month Club, Invisible Exports, New York City, USA
Dust Snow, Park Wilsona, Poznan, Poland
Don't Worry Be Happy, MAMA, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Whole Earth Catalogue, Neoncampobase, Bologna, Italy
Preteen Gallery, Circa Art Fair, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Ford/Aten, Galeria Stereo, Poznan, Poland (solo)
Speculations on Cosmic Culture, Montgomery, Berlin, Germany (solo)
Aids-3D @ 3's Company, New York City, USA (solo)
Aids-3D, Preteen Gallery, Hermosillio, Mexico (solo)
Pixxelpoint Festival, Nova Goritza, Slovenia / Gorizia, Italy
Burn Baby Burn, Gallery Duve, Berlin, Germany
Hüttendong, After the Butcher, Berlin, Germany
Shift Electronic Arts Festival, Basel, Switzerland
Tower Tower (Nikos Alexiou Collection), Bazaiou Tower, Naxos Greece
Just Add Water, de Soto Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Made in The USA, Pete's Motors, Great Barrington, MA
The World is Flat, Rhizome/ No Soul for Sale, X Initiative, New York City, USA
Image Search, PPOW Gallery, New York City, USA
Moon Illusion, Show Cave, Los Angeles, CA
The Painting Show, Gallery Art Since The Summer of '69, Private Circulation PDF
The Generational:Younger Than Jesus, The New Museum of Contemporary Art, NYC
Climate for Change, FACT, Liverpool, UK
Random Rules Video Screening, Pulse Art Fair, NYC

Terraza Performance, 2 de Mayo Art Center, Madrid, Spain (performance)
Spreading Love All over The World (Accelerating Change RMX), Padiglione Internet, 53rd Venice Bienalle, Venice, Italy (performance)
Hubris/Nemesis/Whatever, IMG MGMT, Artfagcity.com
AFK Sculpture Park, Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
Digital Awakening, K44, Athens, Greece (solo)
Larry's Presents: Creative Energy, Program, Berlin, Germany
Pole Shift, Project Gentili, Prato, Italy/ Berlin, Germany
This is a Magazine Episode 25: Activities in time and space, DOCVA, Milan, Italy
Netmares/Netdreams v.1,v.2, Current Space, Baltimore, USA
Club Internet v1,v2, Clubinternet.org
New Life Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Athensville, Art Athina, Athens, Greece
Rundgang, Städelschule, Frankfurt, Germany
Motion Capture Dance, Project Gentili, Berlin, Germany (performance)
A Network of Love, Exit Art, New York, USA (performance)
Cyber Dreams, Loop-Raum , Berlin, Germany (performance)
Free Internet 1, PDF magazine, XYM Publishing, Norway
Wild Night, BW, Berlin, Germany
Becks Fusions, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK
Ich Weiss Du Kommst Aus Mitte, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
Jerusalem 2012, Program, Berlin, Germany (performance)
Honeybee Population Collapse, Galerie Air Garten, Berlin, Germany (performance)