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How dealers world wide have found clients and increased exposure for their artists to artnet's two million visitors per month.
"Working with artnet has been an amazing experience. The company is a great resource for selling and as well as purchasing works by artists at the top of their respective fields. In my eyes, excellent customer service is a driving force behind their success; images are uploaded in a timely fashion, a real person is always able to speak or email with me. Navigating the site and finding auction results quickly is a seamless process."

-- 2010
Davi Weston
Weston Gallery
Carmel, California
"As a re-sale gallery selling famous studio ceramics, artnet's google presence provides me with a powerful platform. artnet is name driven and image driven. It can often be hard to sell three dimensional objects online, but with artnet, clients trust the quality and significance of the work I sell. I've had good sales directly due to Artnet, but in addition, I've had some excellent referrals and contacts for consignments of new inventory. The service more than pays for itself."

-- February 10, 2010
Jeffrey Spahn
Jeffrey Spahn Gallery
San Francisco, California
"I'm thrilled with artnet. From the beginning I've had a dedicated, friendly and knowledgeable service representative, that's always been willing to help with concerns and issues. I love how easy it is to navigate the site and the consistent look throughout each dealer’s site make for a cohesive package. I'm always thrilled when I Google an item I have on artnet and almost never fails to rank in the top ten hits."

-- 2010
Deborah Edwards
Cleveland Heights, Ohio
"I got an artnet membership in particular because I wanted to show ‘the world’ that I offer on Hockney prints. The first week my shop was online, I got mainly price requests for Hockney prints (from the US, the UK and France)...my first sale resulting from artnet is a Hockney print. It was great to have a sale the first week! I also sold a print from Robert Longo the first week."

-- 2010
Louis Jamar, Director
Winwood Gallery
Meeuwen-Gruitrode, Belgium
"As a result of being on artnet, our client base has grown, especially within Europe. artnet helps us to expand our gallery’s reach. More and more people know about our gallery through artnet. And in the same way, we now know more about other galleries including their artists and available works."

-- 2010
Yan Qing, Director/Owner
Aye Gallery
Beijing, China
"artnet has hosted and maintained my website since 2000. Their service is professional, cutting edge and responsive, and their staff a pleasure to work with…I am pleased to warmly recommend artnet for optimal positioning of art gallery websites. As an international gallery, artnet online is where I showcase my artists, announce new exhibitions, attract new clients and keep in touch with collectors around the globe. artnet - my link with the art world."

-- 2010
Raquelle Azran
Vietnamese Contemporary Fine Art
New York, New York
"Very attractive presentation and design, high quality of advertisers, good database management, expert and perfect service. artnet facilitates interesting contacts with collectors and museums for my gallery."

-- August 2009
Konrad Bayer
Galerie Konrad Bayer
Munich, Germany
"I told my friends that I would like to establish a database of artists. They told me, 'you must be referring to artnet!' One of my artists is a traditional Chinese painter. I was so surprised when I searched his name on Google and his images on artnet came up first!"

-- 2009
Zhang Qun
Art Dealer
"We are an internationally oriented gallery. Our goal is to reach international and well-informed art collectors. artnet is the right platform for this."

-- 2009
Erika Davis-Klemm
Frankfurt, Germany
"After researching on artnet for several years, I decided to join artnet’s Gallery Network in order to promote both our gallery, Bolsa de Arte de Porto Alegre, and our artists. I can definitely confirm that artnet is the best vehicle for any private dealer or gallery to become connected in the art world."

-- 2009
Marga Pasquali, Director
Bolsa de Arte
Porto Alegre, Brazil
"Artnet acts as a magnet for anyone looking for art either to buy or sell. It has the reach and power that no gallery website alone can match."

-- 2009
James Carona, Owner
Heather James Fine Art
Palm Desert, California
"Using artnet is a great way to generate interest for our gallery within the global art community. artnet has brought attention to our artists on an international scale, and as a result we have been introduced to artists and art connoisseurs alike. We think it is a fantastic resource with a huge amount of information - the more you explore, the more there is to find!"

-- 2009
Philippa Found, Director
ROLLO Contemporary Art
"I must get 10 inquiries a week from my site on artnet. But the big surprise was the deal that happened not because I sold a work, but because someone offered me a George Condo that I sold to a client. You said the payoff was quick but I didn’t expect results quite that fast"

-- 2009
Joyce Varvatos
"I want you and everyone at artnet to know that BY FAR the best advertising I ever did was having that website. I connected with so many collectors that I never would have had any contact with, if not for the website.”

-- July 29, 2009
Lauren Rabb
Former director/owner
The Gallery at 6th and 6th
"Artnet is a great investment. I have had contact and sales relating to my inventory of Judd and Flavin from some European galleries and dealers. I doubt this would happen otherwise. This is a great product...as it remains front and center when someone Googles an artist's name."

-- March 09, 2009
Vilis Inde, Director
Texas, USA
"Four years ago, I signed up for gallery representation on Artnet...I didn’t have to search for a local designer and hire them to create my site from scratch...I do think the prestige of being under the Artnet umbrella gives additional credibility to me as a gallery owner. A presence on Artnet levels the playing field for me in that I can compete with galleries all over the world inventory to inventory."

-- February 19, 2009
Elizabeth Moss
Elizabeth Moss Gallery
Maine, USA
"Having always struggled with finding an effective form of advertising with evident results I am extremely pleased with our decision to advertise with art net. Over a short period of only two weeks, three banners advertising the gallery’s current exhibition on art net increased enquiries tenfold and brought a lot of extra attention to the gallery along with a number of new clients. We are very pleased with the results and are considering advertising with art net on a more regular basis. "

-- June 4, 2008
Anstice Oakeshott
Alon Zakaim Fine Art
London, U.K.
"Artnet works and we get requests every day...it’s really great!"

-- March 28, 2008
Miryam Charim
Gallerie Charim
Vienna, Austria
"I think I was one of your first customers. It was a great new idea. I thought I would take a chance. What a great chance. I am still a subscriber and hope to be in the future.Artnet has changed our business for the better. It was probably the best move I have made in the 14 years of the Gallery. Every year we seem to sell more paintings, sculpture etc.I have never regretted being part of Artnet. I have easily paid the yearly fee because I know it will more than pay for itself. Thank you for getting me in the very beginning. It has been a great ride so far."

-- January 15, 2008
Byron C. Cohen
Byron C. Cohen Gallery for Contemporary Art