August 29, 2001
  Online Art Company Stands Out (Excerpt)
By Sara Silver

"A pair of gunslinging Elvises greets visitors to the lower Broadway offices of artnet. The Andy Warhol silkscreen is an apt symbol for the company's chief executive, Hans Neuendorf, who has survived a blood bath in the online art world and is fighting his way to profitability.

As an Information tool, however, the Internet is popular with galleries eager to display their inventories to prospective clients. Most of the major U.S. galleries have signed on with artnet.

The database has 3,300 subscribers-auction houses, galleries, dealers and collectors-who use it to quickly check the value of comparable pieces...artnet has several competitors for art price information, but none offer the ability to clearly see the artworks being described."

June 15, 2001
  Networthy: One Exec's Favorite Site (Excerpt)

Target audience: Art lovers who want to browse international galleries from home.

Recommended by: Chris Nagle is the founder of Mosaic Blue, a brand communication design firm in Walnut Creek.

What's on the site: "If you want to research Monet or confirm the latest New York gallery schedule, you can find it on this insider's connection to the art world. Over 1,600 artists have posted work to this site, making it a great place to discover architecture, painting, sculpture and more."

Why use the site: "It's just right when you want to hobnob in London or New York but need to be back in an hour."

Accolades: "Check out the Grove Dictionary Of Art in the research section, where you can find out why your favorite painting, sculpture or architecture looks the way it does. A fascinating spot to learn anything that is art."

June 7, 2001
by Charlotte Mulins and Emily Smit (Excerpt)

Artists represented by the site's "member" galleries number an impressive 13,000. Their portfolios are arranged alphabetically, which is again simple to view.

There is an art finder request form you can submit to find an artist, exhibition or museum listing. To aid you in this, galleries are listed in categories. Links to the galleries are quick. From gallery, auction and museum listings, it is obvious that this site is truly international. Auction listings span the month ahead and are incredibly detailed, even providing sale numbers. The bookstore doesn't stop at reviews, but is divided into subject areas such as new releases, current exhibitions, catalogues raisonnes etc. Artnet Magazine has a remarkable number of features, reviews and news stories. There are art services that include appraisers, art insurance services, career management and shipping, to name but a few.

For a subscriber's fee, you can enlist the services of the fine art auctions database to track down specific lots. One of the most useful service Artnet offers, however, is in the field of research. Whether you are a dealer, a collector or a specialist in your field, this is an invaluable tool, with links like the Grove Dictionary of Art, museums, fairs and auction databases.

The auction database lists a staggering two million auction records from more than 176,000 artists. This, in particular, is where Artnet lives up to its name as one of the foremost art engines of our time.

June 6, 2001
  artnet gains as sells shares in capital hike (Excerpt) Frankfurt, June 6 -- Shares in online art dealer artnet surged on Wednesday after the company said it sold 150,000 shares at three euros per share as part of a capital increase to London-based investment fund Odey European.

By 0725 GMT, artnet stock was up 11.33 percent at 3.34 euros while the Neuer Market all-share index gained 0.46 percent.

artnet, which made a net loss of $2.1 million in the first quarter on sales of $1.3 million, said it was currently generating a positive cash flow.

  CASH No. 21
May 25, 2001
  Pulling Strings in the Art World by Brigitte Ulmer
(Excerpt, English Translation)

Simon de Pury, CEO of the auction house Phillips, even considers Neuendorf a "visionary" who has moved the art market forward via the Internet. "artnet has changed the structure of the art market," says Achim Möller, an emigrated German art dealer who runs an art business on Manhattan’s Upper East side. "The database is an added pricing tool for the dealer. Now, everyone knows the sale price for a particular work sold at auction."

Drahtzieher der Kunst von Brigitte Ulmer (Auszüge)
Simon de Pury, CEO des Auktionshauses Phillips, hält Neuendorf gar für einen "Visionär," der mit dem Internet die Markterweiterung vorangetrieben hat. "artnet hat die Struktur im Kunstmarkt verändert," sagt Achim Möller, ein emigrierter deutscher Kunsthändler, der an Manhattans Upper Eastside eine Kunsthandlung betreibt. "Die Datenbank ist ein zusätzliches Bewertungsinstrument für den Händler. Heute kann jeder nachschauen, wie viel für ein bestimmtes Bild an einer Auktion bezahlt wurde."

April 22, 2001
  Art Works for your Wall and your Wallet
by Gary Drevitch (Excerpt)

Most art professionals have the same advice for would-be collectors: Buy the art you love, and only the art you love. Still, art is an investment, so do your homework before putting your money down. That means making sure that any piece you buy is authentic, that its price is fair, and that you can be reasonably confident of its resale value.

One place to start your research is artnet, a massive database of artists, galleries and individual works. The site futures the auction sales records for tens of thousands of individual pieces, so you can get an idea of the fair market value of almost any artists.

March 19, 2001
  Database to contain 2M records (Excerpt)
EBay Inc. agreed to carry artnet's auction database on the eBay Premier Web site. In a press release Monday, the companies said the database would contain two million records covering 173.000 artists, giving historical pricing information on art works.

January 23, 2001
  artnet Suspends Online Auctions but may Partner with the New eBay Premier
by Lisa W. Romano (Excerpt)

The fine art niche in online auctions has lost a small but important player as artnet announces it will discontinue its e-commerce operations, which included online auctions and a print store.

While the honeymoon for e-commerce ventures, such as eToys, seems to be over and concerns about profits for others are on the rise, Artnet fortunately has a more successful core business to fall back on as an information provider: its artnet Magazine as well as its gallery network, fine art bookstore and fine art auctions database.

"I remain still an enthusiastic supporter of online art auctions but our Gallery Network has clearly been the more successful service to the art community," said artnet CEO and founder Hans Neuendorf in a prepared statement. "This move puts the company on a speedier path to profitability." (more)


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