Untitled, 1996

servetar selects
by stuart servetar

Jerry Phillips
at Feature

Jan. 8-Feb. 15, 1997

If you're arch in your taste you'll love the guy they have showing in Feature's "East Room." His work concentrates on decorative icons from illuminated manuscripts lifted off the page and redone in sumptuous graphite tones against the white of the page. The ornamentation has the look of clip art, early tattoos or designs from those old Dover copyright-free books. Sometimes the images strike the page just right, other times less so (the gaggle of eyeballs I could have done without). It's a simple, elegant project and in these days a rather rarefied beast. If Walter posts this in time, you might know to go see it [sorry, out of luck. W.]

Feature, 76 Greene Street, New York, N.Y. 10012

Stuart Servetar is a painter who writes on art.