Male Pattern Baldness, 1997

servetar selects
by stuart servetar

Alix Stewart Lambert
at Team

Jan. 18-Mar. 2, 1997

Its nice to know with all the more Dia-than-thou type operations hauling butt to Chelsea that Jose Friere has tagged along continue his role as the bobble-headed doll from hell/fly on the wall. His latest theory on the Chelsea phenomenon has it that established galleries looking to lure new Hollywood type collectors feel the need to create spaces that will lure the money where the dealer's name might not. He also thinks that landlords in the neighborhoods don't necessarily know what they're doing. As Jose put it, "They don't what deadbeats dealers are." This from the horse's mouth.

The second show at his new incarnation, Team, reprises an earlier project by Alix Lambert. Lambert does gender-y type stuff. For her last project she manufactured a girl group whose exploits were recorded, among other forms, on Laser Disc. The work here from `94 centers on maleness, male pattern baldness and basketball. called "Male Pattern Baldness". In the laser disc for this show, Alix as coach runs/walks through a series of basketball drills, her moves diagrammed, a la John Madden, in squiggly spermlike shapes on the screen. Lambert's coach is as bald as a volleyball on top and her side locks are shaped, not true to a man's head, but to the curves on a basketball. . . All of which is somehow interrelated in a very deep way. The most interesting part of the show is that Lambert-as-coach bears an uncanny resemblance to NY Knicks' coach Jeff Van Gundy-despite the fact that the project was completed before Van Gundy was named head coach. Another testament to the prophetic powers of art.

Team Gallery, 527 West 26th Street, New York, N.Y. 10001. See also