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    David Ebony's Top Ten

Greg Drassler at Generous Miracles
Restless Bedroom
The 14 large paintings of interiors by New York artist Greg Drassler in this show titled "Shelter" are among the most refined of his career. Representing eight years of work, this group of meticulous canvases is his most cohesive both thematically and in terms of execution. He concentrates on images of lavish, over-decorated baroque and rococo bedrooms and living rooms devoid of people.

In each work he captures a sense of the complex visual pleasures that one experiences in a particularly seductive space. Drassler focuses on the minute details of elaborate architectural form and decoration, all the myriad facets of the scene. Yet his concerns are not so much with achieving a convincing sense of reality. Rather, he aims for a certain mood in each canvas.

In haunting works such as Restless Bedroom and Aviary, for example, he lingers on the subtle play of light against elaborate brocade-covered walls, satin curtains, wall and ceiling fixtures, chinoiserie, or fragments of elegant furniture. The effect, however, is rather illusive, as if the paintings were dream images rather than depictions of anything that could ever exist in the real world.

Greg Drassler, "Shelter," at Generous Miracles, 529 W. 20 Street, New York, N.Y. 10011.