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Seong Chun at Caren Golden
Seong Chun
Function (lines in relation, 135)
Seong Chun
Automatic (141)
Seong Chun, a young New York artist, is thoroughly obsessed with Mondrian. She has been inspired by the infinite spaces of his compositions as well as his writings. For this show, titled "Inward, Outward, Interrupted," Chun presents a group of recent crocheted-paper wall reliefs that are obviously labor-intensive, but nevertheless convey an airy and lively tone in this ambitious exploration of abstraction.

Although a number of artists today use sewing, knitting or crocheting in their works, Chun's technique suits her theme in a poignant way. By weaving the text-covered and colored strips of paper into compositions that approximate well-known paintings by Mondrian, she adds a kind of topological element to the design. She proves that there is much left to discover in the sublime spaces that the Dutch artist introduced to painting in the early decades of the 20th century.

In Chun's Automatic (141), for example, she re-presents Mondrian's Composition Gray-Red (1935), not only as a sculptural object, but as a fragmented two-dimensional space, with three vertical panels connected by long, dangling rubber threads. Chun's most elaborate work in the show, Untitled (systemic 164), is an installation piece that features a woven panel suspended from the ceiling several feet in front of a wall panel. The piece seems to successfully translate the purity of Mondrian's two-dimensional space into a three-dimensional form.

Seong Chun, "Inward, Outward, Interrupted," Oct. 20-Nov. 25, at Caren Golden Fine Art, 526 West 26 Street, New York, N.Y. 10001.