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    David Ebony's Top Ten

Carole Seborovski at Mitchell-Innes and Nash
Undulating/Natural Forms
Mondrian's Night
Carole Seborovski is known for labor-intensive drawings and constructions that are intimate in scale though epic in scope. Among the 13 recent medium-sized works on paper on view in this show are some of her most eloquent pieces to date. Built upon a loose geometry and natural forms, her compositions feature repeated leaf patterns, circles and lozenge shapes. In some works, areas of distressed paper caused by excessive rubbing and layering, pull away in carefully calculated tears to reveal a glittering underlayer of holographic material.

Compressed Cross shows a stylized cruciform shape, perhaps in homage to Constructivism. Hovering Circles is divided into two equal sections, the upper area's light gray circles correspond and contrast with the opaque black circles in the lower portion of the composition. Mondrian's Night, one of the most striking works on view, is all about movement.

Like a late Mondrian canvas, Seborovski's composition, featuring luminous lozenge shapes, keeps the eye skipping across the surface in regular, rhythmic beats. Undulating/Nature Forms is similarly vibrant. Here, the arrangement of delicate leaf patterns indicates a quiet, fluid motion, like the sway of underwater plants.

"Carole Seborovski: Recent Works," Feb 24 - Apr 1, 2000, at Mitchell-Innes & Nash, 1018 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10021.