Gi-aum-e Hon-o-me-tah
Fort Sill, OT
Newberry Library
oil on panel, 8 x 6 in.
[Gi-aum-e Hon-o-me-tah's name means "White Man Keep Away." Her grandfather was Chief Tohausen and her uncle was the Kiowa painter Silver Horn. According to Burbank, her maternal ancestors were chiefs, as well. Her sweetheart was E-ah-ti, who lived 70 miles away and rode by horse to visit her. Burbank stated that she spoke English well, had a very nice manner, was smart and clever, and was one of the loveliest Indian girls he had seen. Gi-aum-e Hon-o-me-tah and her friend posed many times for Burbank, often singing to relieve the boredom of sitting. Burbank and she corresponded until the artist heard of her sudden death.]