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Nicole Eisenman

NICOLE EISENMAN by Meghan Dailey 12/20/96

PHYLLIS BALDINO by Catherine Morris 12/20/96

GUADALAJARA BUZZ by Eduardo Costa 12/20/96
In Guadalajara, Mexico, all the art world gathered for Expoarte, the international cutting-edge art fair.

BERLIN ART DIARY by Mary E. Goldman 12/18/96
Berlin shows off its diverse and plentiful art scene with the opening of the Hamburger Bahnhof contemporary art museum and the launching of the city's new European Art Forum.

COLOGNE REVIEWS by Rosanne Altstatt 12/17/96
Christian Boltanski at Jule Kewenig and the Institut Francais, and Renee Green at Galerie Christian Nagel.

THE ARTNET HIT LIST by John Mendelsohn 12/13/96
Andrea Zittel at Andrea Rosen Gallery, Ida Applebroog at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Teresita Fernandez at Deitch Projects, and Lara Schnitger at Anton Kern Gallery.

LETTER FROM PARIS by Jeff Rian 12/12/96
British art and Baselitz at the Musee d'Art Moderne, Vanessa Beecroft at Ghislaine Hussenot, Rainer Ganahl at Roger Pailhas, Andrea Blum at Galerie Des Archives, Sarah Morris at Galerie Philippe Rizzo, Melanie Counsell at Jennifer Flay and a new art district grows in the 13th Arrondissement.

JIM ISERMANN at Feature by Elisabeth Kley 12/03/96

RENEE GREEN at Pat Hearn by Robert Mahoney 12/03/96

NEWBURY STREET CHRONICLES by Janet Rossbach 11/27/96
A visit to Boston's Newbury Street: Sidney Hurwitz and Christine Triebert at John Callahan, Bill Brauer at Chase, Edith Vonnegut at Pepper Gallery,Nicholas Nixon at Barbara Krakow, and Hunter Reynolds at Bernard Toale.

DAVID EBONY'S NEW YORK TOP TEN by David Ebony 11/20/96
Darrel Ellis at Art in General, Beverly Semmes at Michael Klein, Joseph Marioni at Peter Blum, Brian Rutenberg at Cavin-Morris, David Shaw at Caren Golden, Brenda Zlamany at Jessica Fredericks, Jennifer Reeves at the Roger Smith, Don Eddy at Nancy Hoffman, Julian Hatton at Elizabeth Harris, and Patrick Heron at Salander O'Reilly.

SERVETAR SELECTS by Stuart Servetar 11/14/96
Beckman at the Guggenheim, Johns at MOMA, Goldin at the Whitney, Guston at McKee, Richter at Marian Goodman, Matthew Ritchie at Basilico, Jane Fine at Casey Kaplan, Lisa Yuskavage at Boesky & Callery, and Brad Kahlhamer at Bronwyn Keenan.

CHICAGO REPORT by Victor M. Cassidy 11/14/96
Two Chicago museums turn their galleries over to the city's own photography and prints, plus new gallery shows of work by Richard Rezac, Gordon Powell, Raye Bemis and Kiki Kogelnik. Plus news of the new Acme Artist Coop, Klein Art Works, and Rhona Hoffman's move, both in the real world and into cyberspace.

THE ARTNET HIT LIST by John Mendelsohn 11/07/96
Eight New York shows that are not to be missed--Navaho weaving, Bill Komosky, Harriet Korman, Roland Flexner, Lisa Yuskavage, David Shaw, Albert Oehlen and "Ceremonial."

CARL FUDGE at Lauren Wittels Gallery by Michael Brennan 11/05/96

HARRY DRUZD at the Pink Pony by Carlo McCormick 11/05/96

A (DIGITAL) VIEW FROM VIENNA by Janet Rossbach 11/1/96
At their recent international congress, museum educators wrestled with the computer as a 21st century tool.

JAMIE DALGLISH, MAUREEN DOUGHERTY AND BERND NABER at Ludmilla Baczynsky by Walter Robinson 10/31/96

BERLIN ART DIARY: MITTE MANIA by Mary E. Goldman 10/30/96
The former East Berlin is home to one of Europe's--and possibly the world's--most energetic new gallery scenes.

JULIA JACQUETTE at Holly Solomon by Berta Sichel 10/29/96

KRISTIN JONES & ANDREW GINZEL at TZ'Art by Peter von Ziegesar 10/28/96

LETTER FROM PARIS by Jeff Rian 10/24/96
Art and artists in the cosmopolitan City of Light traffic in thought and glossy sensation--that is to say, in style-- and maintain that lofty air all the way through the entrée, fish and meat course, floated on a flotilla of Bordeaux.

LUC TUYMANS: "THE HERITAGE" at David Zwirner by Peter von Ziegesar 10/23/96

GABRIEL OROZCO at Marian Goodman by Mia Fineman 10/23/96

JOHN RUSKIN at Salander-O'Reilly by John Mendelsohn 10/16/96

ROCHELLE FEINSTEIN, CICELY COTTINGHAM, AND DENISE MULLEN at the Jersey City Museum by John Mendelsohn 10/15/96

ALT.YOUTH.MEDIA at the New Museum by Paul H-O 10/10/96

CRITIC'S CHRONICLE by Alexandria Anderson-Spivy 10/10/96
At its recent meeting last summer in Rennes, France, the International Association of Art Critics elected an American as its president for the first time ever. All hail New York art writer Kim Levin!

IK-JOONG KANG at the Whitney Museum at Philip Morris by Joan Kee 10/10/96

PIERRE MOLINIER at Wooster Gardens and Ubu Gallery by Catherine Morris 10/2/96

A town known for coffee, rain and teen angst gets six--count 'em, six--new contemporary art curators. Can we somehow blame Bill Gates?

VISIONS OF SPACE AND UFOS IN ART at American Primitive Gallery by Carlo McCormick 9/30/96

JONAS MEKAS at Laurence Miller Gallery by Roza Michael Kryzhanovska 9/30/96

MARK SHEINKMAN at Morris Healy by Michael Brennan 9/25/96

JORDI COLOMER at Galeria Carles Taché, Barcelona by Kim Bradley 9/16/96

ALTERNATIVE MEXICO CITY by Rubén Gallo 9/15/96
Artist-run, not-for-profit and commercial galleries are again thriving in the Mexican capital. Here, a report on some of the more interesting summer activities.

CHICAGO REPORT by Victor M. Cassidy 9/10/96
The city of broad shoulders gets a new MCA--whose debut exhibitions get mixed reviews--and Absolut lubricates summer art festival, historical photo and print shows open, more.

AC2K at American Fine Arts by William McCollum 8/26/96

AMY SILLMAN at Casey M. Kaplan by Lewis Kachur 8/23/96

REPORT FROM PARIS by Lewis Kachur 8/19/96
It's summer in Paris and the Pompidou Center is hosting retrospectives of the British painter Francis Bacon, the Romanian-born avant-garde architect Frederick Kiesler and something French, at least in title, l'Informe, organized by Yve-Alain Bois and Rosalind Krauss.

SIMON UNGERS at Petra Bungert Gallery by Michael Brennan 8/13/96

LETTER FROM L.A. by Jane Hart 8/7/96
Summer notes on Chris Burden, Lari Pittman, James Turrell, Tom Solomon, other leading lights. And a minor legal squabble.

SIMON LEUNG at Pat Hearn Gallery by Elisabeth Kley 7/26/96

LETTER FROM SPAIN by Kim Bradley 7/12/96
Spain has a new government, its culture ministry a new chief and the prado a new director. Plus video in Valencia, Horsfield and Noguera in Barcelona, more.

LETTER FROM PRAGUE by Tim Gilman-Sevcik 7/12/96
Capitalism has brought a plague of new signage to the Czech capital city. And artists, as might be expected, are doing their bit to help out. Plus other art news.

JOSEPH GRIGELY at AC Project Room by Mia Fineman 7/10/96

YAYOI KASUMA at Paula Cooper Gallery by John Mendelsohn 7/09/96

"PLACE" at Cristinerose Gallery by Robert Mahoney 7/03/96

JERRY ZENIUK at Lawrence Markey by Michael Brennan 6/28/96

ASHLEY BICKERTON at Sonnabend Gallery by Mia Fineman 6/21/96

SHRED SLED SYMPOSIUM at Thread Waxing Space by Paul H-O 6/21/96

THOMAS TROSCH at Jessica Fredericks Gallery by John Zinsser 6/14/96

MICHAEL ASHKIN at Bronwyn Keenan Gallery by John Mendelsohn 6/5/96

LETTER FROM L.A. by Jane Hart 6/5/96
MOCA sells art (at its annual benefit), Philippe Starck redoes Mondrian (the hotel not the artist) and L.A. has parties, parties, parties.

BARBARA ESS at Curt Marcus Gallery by Catherine Morris 6/5/96

RICHARD DIEBENKORN at Acquavella by Richard Stephens 6/5/96

DAMIEN HIRST at Gagosian Gallery by Edward Helmore 5/30/96

JUDY FOX at P.P.O.W. by Mia Fineman 5/28/96

SUZANNE MCCLELLAND at Paul Kasmin by Robert Mahoney 5/24/96

PAUL BLOODGOOD at 303 Gallery by Jeanne Siegel 5/10/96

KARA WALKER at Wooster Gardens by Maureen Wong 5/10/96

ARTIST'S DIARY by Robert Goldman 4/30/96
So many shows, so little time. Artist Robert Goldman drops in at gallery solos by KATHARINA FRITSCH, JACK PIERSON, ROSEMARIE TROCKEL, BIANCA SFORNI, MOYRA DAVEY, DINOS and JAKE CHAPMAN and more...

ArtNet's own German-American correspondent visits Cologne's newest galleries, along with a side trip to the Lupertz retrospective in Dusseldorf.

ROBERT GRAHAM at Gagosian Gallery by Paul H-O 4/26/96

PORTIA MUNSON at Yoshii Gallery by Paul H-O 4/16/96

CHERYL DONEGAN at Basilico Fine Arts by Robert Mahoney 4/5/96

KRZYSZTOF WODICZKO at Galerie Lelong by Robert Mahoney 4/5/96

JANET BIGGS at Chassie Post by Robert Mahoney 4/5/96

ARTIST'S DIARY by Robert Goldman 3/22/96
Our peripatetic artist and part-time critic checks out MICHAEL SMITH at Lauren Wittels, DIANA THATER at David Zwirner, DENNIS HOPPER at Tony Shafrazi and JULIAN SCHNABEL at PaceWildenstein.

MILTON RESNICK at Robert Miller by John Zinsser 3/22/96

MATTHEW ANTEZZO at Basilico Fine Art by John Zinsser 3/22/96

LETTER FROM SPAIN by Kim Bradley 3/22/96
The Spanish cultural scene awaits the fallout from recent elections, which after 13 years replaced the Socialists with the right-wing Popular Party. Meanwhile, Madrid has its annual art fair, Barcelona opens a new Contemporary Museum and life goes on.

RONI HORN at Matthew Marks Gallery by John Zinsser 3/22/96

STEVE WOLFE at Luhring Augustine Gallery by Robert Mahoney 3/22/96

MAJA LISA ENGLEHARDT at DCA by Robert Mahoney 3/22/96

NARI WARD at Jeffrey Deitch Projects by Robert Mahoney 3/22/96

NARI WARD at Jeffrey Deitch Projects by John Good 3/22/96

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