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A last look at Art 33 Basel, June 12-17, 2002
Still from Salla Tykka's Lasso in "Art Unlimited" at Art 33 Basel
Entering Art 33 Basel
Damien Hirst, It's a Beautiful Thing, 1997, £250,000 at Waddington Galleries Ltd.
Zoe Leonard
Painter Lisa Ruyter
Beverly Semmes with Petunia (2001) at "Art Unlimited"
Video artist Doug Aitken
Dutch art dealer Paul Andriesse
Viennese dealer Ernst Hilger with Erro painting
Swiss dealer Bruno Bischofberger
Helly Nahmad
Chicago dealer
Donald Young
Cologne dealer Rafael Jablonka
Willem de Kooning's Conversation (1987) and Tony Smith's Smog (1969-70) at Matthew Marks, with director Jill Sussman
Mark Dion, Park: Mobile Wilderness Unit, 2001, in "Art Unlimited"
Gilles Barbier, L'Hospice, sponsored by Vallois, in "Art Unlimited"
Rachel Harrison's installation in "Art Statements"
Richard Serra, In-On II, 1997, in "Art Unlimited"
Installation of photos of collectors' homes by Grazia Toderi
Zoe Leonard in in "Art Unlimited"
João Onofre, still from Pas d'action, 2002, at Galeriá Toni Tàpies
Neal Tait, White Terrance, 2002, at Jay Jopling
Patrick Mimram, Devil and Co., 2001, at Marlborough
Kiki Smith, Baby Doll and Mudra (both 2002), $28,000 each (edition of 3), at PaceWildenstein
Sven Kroner's 2002 mountainscape, plus Sad Man (2001) and Sportopia (2002) by Atelier van Lieshout, at Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam
Alex Katz, Jessica and Cecily, 2002, sold for ca. $150,000, at Bernd Kluser
Per Barclay's Ballerina "Cathrine" (2002) and Mario Merz' Fibonacci Igloo (1972) at Galeria Giorgio Persano, Torino
Stephan Balkenhol, Kleiner Mann mit 4 Armen, 2002, at Johnen/Schöttle, Cologne-Munich
New mirror works by Robert Barry and Shinnecock Pots by Beverly Semmes at Bugdahn und Kaimer, Dusseldorf
Small bronzes by Barbara Hepworth at the New Art Centre, Salisbury, Great Britain
Luciano Castelli, Pigalle/Composition, 1993, SF26,000 at Thorens Fine Art Gallery, Basel
John Armleder's untitled splash painting (SF47,000) and untitled pour painting (SF28,000), both 2002, at Galerie Susanna Kulli, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Works by Franz West at Galerie Ghislaine Hussenot, €70,000 each