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Photos by Sherry Wong
Art all day and party all night at ARCO,
International Contemporary Art Fair, Feb. 12-18, 2003.
Spaniards show off their Euro-style at Arco
The general Spanish sentiment
King Juan Carlos surrounded by security guards at the opening of ARCO
Prohipida at the Arco vernissage
Andrew Mummery from Andrew Mummery Gallery, London
Madrid dealer
Oliva Arauna
Viennese dealer
Georg Kargl
Artist Simone Aaberg Kærn, fresh from her guerrilla trip to Kabul where she gave flight lessons to Afghan women
Victor Gisler from Mai 36 Galerie, Zurich
Lele H. Colomer from Galería Leyendecker in front of a Miwa Yanagi photo
Curator Hans Ulrich Obrist
Laura Hoptman, curator of contemporary art at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh
Ángel Luis de la Cruz from Galería Leyendecker and artist Kiki Seror
Artist Pilar Albarracin, Kunsthaus Zürich director Harold Szeemann, Arakis, Spanish curator Rosa Martínez and a friend on the steps of the Reina Sophia
Christian Dominguez and Mexican curator and critic Cuauhtémoc Medina at Reina Sophia
Waiters after "Swiss Constructivism" opening at the Reina Sophia
Madrid dealer Soledad Lorenzo at Helga de Alvear Gallery
Sherry Wong and Count Miguel Muñoz at the Art Basel party at his mansion
Party hostess Isabel Mora and Art Basel director Sam Keller
Carlos Durán from Galeria Senda on right and gallerists Mr. And Mrs. Javier Lopez
Former Deste Foundation director Katerina Gregos and collector Juan Vergez
New York dealer Sandra Gering
Artist Mark Bradford and collector Michael Black
Jose Kuri, from Kurimanzutto, Mexico City, and Paul Judelson from I-20, New York
Lea Freid of Lombard Freid Gallery, New York and curator Hou Han Ru
Stefan Bruggerman, director of the nonprofit space Programa in Mexico City
Swiss Collector David H. Brolliet at the Cock Bar
Conceptual artist Joseph Kosuth at the Cock Bar
Choreographer SunJu Kim (Chun) and Bremen-based artist Kyungwoo Chun
Spanish dealer Juana De Aizpuru serves drinks at the Casa de America party
New York-based curator Omar Lopez-Chahoud and artist Jorge Zeno at the Casa de America party
Young art couple Isca Greenfield-Sanders and Sebastian Blanck