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  Sherrying Miami
Photos by Sherry Wong

Art is a party at Art Basel Miami Beach, Dec. 5-Dec.8, 2002
Art Basel Miami Beach
The Latin American food fair in the same convention center -- which one looks more fun?
Local girls greeted the 19,000 visitors who showed up
The view of South Beach from my room at the Royal Palm
Studio Museum in Harlem curator Thelma Golden at the Miami Convention Center
DJ Spooky about to start his set at the official Basel after party at Mynt
The Art Positions beach party had free apple martinis every day
Local girls show why Art Basel came to Miami (next year Art Basel Cancun?)
Super museum patron Greg Juarez and his friends outside of the Yayoi Kusama opening at the Bass Museum of Art
Beth Rudin DeWoody at Mynt
Leo Koenig with Debora Warner at Mynt
Palm trees are beautiful from the Scope Miami party on the roof of the TownHouse Hotel
Collage artist Michael Anderson had work up at Paul Rodger 9W at Scope
Africa relaxes at the TownHouse Hotel lobby with the latest Art Forum
Norman Dubrow, the nicest collector in town
Actor Greg Lauren (Boogie Nights) and actress Elizabeth Berkeley (Saved by the Bell and Showgirls) at the Art Loves Design party in Miami's Design District
Carla D'Alessio, a member of the Paper Dolls, a performance art group
Video artist and Paper Dolls member Jioe Hwang performing in the Design District
The Paper Dolls at work- they pop a balloon, they die, they draw a chalk outline of the body and then get revived by candy
Artist couple Will and Ellen at the Design District block party
Feminist performance artist Jasmine rocks out at Art Loves Design
New York dealer Kenny Schacter at Jalan Jalan, where he curated an art show
Whose glasses are these?
Nectar and Melody dance at the Opium Garden nightclub
Beautiful Miami artists outside Crobar
Partying at the Crobar for Art Loves Clubbing
Crobar dancer
Ladies who brunch at the Sagamore hotel hosted by collector Marty Margulies and Marty and Cricket Taplin