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Photos by Walter Weissman
  "Guild Hall Collects: Gifts in Honor of the 75th Anniversary,"
opens at the Guild Hall Museum in East Hampton, Long Island, June 17-July 30, 2006.
Jack Youngerman with his oil-on-pine sculpture,
Ala (2003)
Willem de Kooning’s grandkids, Lucy and Emma Villeneuve, with their father, Christian Villeneuve, in front of de Kooning’s
Seated Woman (1969)
Donald Sultan with his print,
Smoke Ring II (2005)
Miriam Schapiro with her
A Black Paper (1985)
Eric Ernst with his acrylic on canvas work, The Sleeping Geisha (2002)
Eric Fischl with one of his new solar etchings
Louisa Chase with her 2003 oil, Spider’s Nest
Mel Kendrick with M1, a wood sculpture from 1991
Keith Sonnier
April Gornik
Rex Lau with his sculpture, The Wind Demon (1982-83)
Guild Hall board chair Melville (Mickey) Straus
Michael Lynne, CEO of New Line Cinema and Guild Hall boardmember with Cindy Sherman’s Untitled #130