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Photos by Kristen VanDeventer

"Opening night at "The Stray Show,"
put on in a warehouse at 1418 North Kingsbury in Chicago, May 9, 2003.
Artist Deva Maitland (left) and Hamza Walker, director of education for the Renaissance Society, with Deva's sculpture.
Artists Adam Scott (top) and Siebren Versteeg
Scott Reeder of Milhaus with Judith Kirshner, dean of the UIC School of Art and Architecture
Stray Show organizer Thomas Blackman
Oliver Kamm of Apartment 5BE Gallery in New York with painting by Don Doe
Ken Okiishi of Daniel Reich Gallery
Jen Talbot's installation and performance at NFA Space
Emotions, a collaborative from Milwaukee, making customized sneakers
Ben Tischer at K48
Daniel Reich in his booth
Michael Gillespie of Foxy Productions with sculpture by David Noonan
Jo del Pesco artist/curator and artist Daniel Seiple with his project "Drive-In" - a minivan with a program of videos projected inside, at the Soap Factory, Minneapolis
Artist Ben Stone poses with his sculpture, flanked by Suitable gallery's Scott Wolniak (left) and Derek Fansler
Art Chicago 2003 opens May 8 with a vernissage
hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Art's Women's Board
Mega-collector Lew Manilow with Tony Wight of Bodybuilder and Sportsman
Artist Sara Conaway (left) with Chicago dealer Julia Friedman
Kavi Gupta of Vedanta Gallery flanked by MCA curatorial assistant Tricia van Eck and Sara Albrecht, MCA trustee and owner of Ultimo
Married artists Judy Ledgerwood and Tony Tasset
Independent curator Allison Peters (left) and Lorelei Stewart, director of UIC's Gallery 400
Jack Hanley and Ginelle Hustrulid with works by Chris Johanson
Artist Dawoud Bey (left) with Eric McKissack
Emily Letourneau, director of Donald Young Gallery
José Martínez Calvo and Luis Valverde Espejo of Espacio Minimo
Andy Milliken of Milliken:Art (formerly Zinc), Stockholm, and Julie Burchardi of Arndt & Partner, Berlin
Karen Irvine, associate curator at the Museum of Contemporary Photography
Mexico City dealer Enrique Guerrero (left) and Art Basel director Samuel Keller
Chicago dealer Rhona Hoffman and Tony Tasset
Art Chicago associate director Heather Hubbs with Rob Davis of Law Office
Rebecca Gates