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The Baltimore Fair for Contemporary Prints and New Editions
opens at the Baltimore Museum of Art, Mar. 23-24, 2002.
Sponsored by Sotheby's, Art on Paper and the BMA's Print and Drawing Society.
Photos by Stephanie Theodore
Leigh Connor of Connor Contemporary Art, Washington, D.C.
Baltimore Museum curators Darsie Alexander (left) and Susan Dackerman
Costas Grimaldi of C. Grimaldi Gallery, Baltimore
Michele Quinn of Brooke Alexander Editions, New York
The stand of New York dealer Jim Kempner Fine Art
Stephanie Theodore of Pointie Dog Press, photographed by Andrew Mockler
Randy Hemminghaus and Kate McCrickard of Galamander Press, New York
Andrew Mockler and Tilden Daniels of Jungle Press Editions, New York
Evelyn Lasry of Two Palms Press
The Jungle Press stand
Joseph Carroll (left) and Dan Elias of Elias Fine Art, Boston
Dru Arstark of Jim Kempner Fine Art, New York