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Photos by Nancy Smith
Goodbye to Summer 2003
and the shining
stars of the
New York art world
Poet and artist Rene Ricard, at his opening at Cheim & Read
Joel Grey at his photo exhibition at Staley-Wise Gallery
Sophie Matisse at "OnLine" at Feigen Contemporary
Emily in an anti-Bush t-shirt by Kayrock Screenprinting
Artist Nicky Nodjoumi at the "What Is Orientalism" panel at Whitebox
A work by Orly Cogan in "OnLine"

Orly Cogan
Claire Danes in SoHo
Kara Walker at her opening at Brent Sikkema
One of Kara Walker's drawings
Performance artist and Columbia U. prof Coco Fusco
Afredo Martinez's prison drawing of himself being force-fed
The art band Cheeseburger, with artist and singer Joe Bradley at left, at "Art Band: A Night of Music and Art" at Capitale, July 24
The art band Some Action, at Capitale
Artist Misaki Kawai, at Capitale
"You Are My Sunshine, You Is My Sunshine"
opens at Canada, 55 Chrystie Street, June 14
Canada director
Suzanne Butler
Devendra Banhart
Devendra Banhart, This Beard Here is For Siobhan
Aidas Bareikis
A work by Michael Williams
Michael Williams in a shirt made by Laura Grant of Dearraindrop
A work by Brian Belott
Brian Belott
Canada co-curator
Constance Feydy
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