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Photos by Nancy Smith
Out in the Big Apple, spring 2004

Emily Speers Mears at GBE at Passerby, May 6
Tyson Reeder in his "General Store" at Passerby
Frankie Martin opens “AirBrains” at Little Cakes Little Gallery, May 28
Hanna Fushihara at Little Cakes
Andrew Maerkle of Flavorpill at Little Cakes
Erika Somogyi at Little Cakes, May 28
Mike Williams at “Rowdy Remix” at ATM Gallery, May 29
Melissa Brown after her "Rowdy Remix" at ATM Gallery
A remixed Marie Lorenz in “Rowdy Remix,” May 29
Bob Partington with his work at ATM Gallery, May 29
Artist Jeff Hargrave at ATM Gallery
Rodney Graham at his opening at 303, Apr. 24
American fine Art's Daniel MacDonald at 303, Apr. 24
Becky Smith opens Bellwether in Chelsea, June 3
Tony Matelli at Leo Koenig, June 12
Tony Matelli’s self-portrait
Canadian artist Shary Boyle at Zieher Smith, May 15
Sculpture by Shary Boyle at Zieher Smith
Kenneth Mroczek at “California Earthquakes” at Daniel Reich,
May 29
Justin Samson with his sculpture at Daniel Reich
Kyung Jeon at the Proposition, May 15
Miko Taka in “Blind Pilots” at the Proposition, Apr. 24
Aya Kondo in “Blind Pilots”
Yoko Akiyama at the Proposition,
Apr. 24
Installation detail of “Paper Rad” at Foxy Production
Jessica Ciocci of Paper Rad
Benjamin Jones of Paper Rad at Foxy, May 31
Foxy Production director Michael Gillespie, May 31
Billy Grant of Dearraindrop at Deitch Projects, June 25
Joe Grillo of Dearraindrop, June 25
Laura Grant of Dearraindrop, June 25
Jeffrey Deitch in his Dearraindrop/Prada suit
Alika Herreshoff of Dearraindrop
Dearraindrop, “Riddle of the Sphinx,” installation view
Artist Steve Powers at Deitch Projects, June 25
Steve Powers, “My List of Demands,” at Deitch Projects, July 11
Scott Hug opens “Hug & Magnan: Boys Gone Wild” at John Connelly Presents, June 29
John Connelly
Michael Magnan at John Connelly Presents, June 29