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Photos by Nancy Smith
Out in the Big Apple, spring 2004

Bill Clinton in the West Village, May 29
David Schwimmer at the D4D benefit at GBE, June 29
Actress Molly Parker at Canada, May 5
Chloë Sevigny at Canada, May 5
Tony Shafrazi at his new Chelsea gallery, May 8
Paris gallerist Enrico Navarra (left) and collector Alberto Mugrabi, May 8
Julian Schnabel at Shafrazi, May 8
Supermodel Ana Beatriz Barros at Shafrazi, May 8
Actor Javier Bardem, right, with Anrea Ciccio di Stephano
Supermodel Carmen Kass at Shafrazi
Artist Jorge Pardo at Lever House, May 13
From left, Jennifer Coker, Jen Gatien and Chris Wilson of Page Six at Lever House, May 13
Lever House owner Aby Rosen celebrates his new Jorge Pardo art installation, May 13
Dealer Tracy Williams and curator Max Henry
at Lever House
Rachel Rudin with Sonnabend director Antonio Homem
American Indian dancer Jesup Yazzie at the American Indian Museum, Apr. 26
Collector Valerie Diker at Indian Museum
Indian museum curator Gerald McMaster
Indian museum curator Bruce Bernstein
Annie Leibovitz opens “American Music” at Edwynn Houk Gallery, Apr. 23
Brian Wilson by Annie Leibovitz
Andreas Gursky photo (detail)
Andreas Gursky at Matthew Marks, May 7
Artist Gavin R. Russom at Daniel Reich Gallery, Apr. 24
Detail of Russom & Gonzalez’s “Evolution Is Extinct” at Reich
Artist Delia R. Gonzalez at Daniel Reich, Apr. 24
Artist Lena Pankova at Canada,
June 5
Artist Lily Ludlow at Canada, June 5
Artist Gedi Sibony at Canada
Drawing by Devendra Banhart
Devendra Banhart at Canada, Apr. 25
“Celebrity Art” expert Baird Jones, left, with Damon Johnson
Tracy Nakayama at the opening of “Majority Whip” at White Box, May 1
ATM Gallery’s Bill Brady at White Box, May 1
Curator Kathy Grayson at White Box
Collage by Brian Belott and Melissa Brown in “Majority Whip”
Artnet Magazine Vancouver correspondent Lee Henderson
Collector Ranbir Singh
Artist Brendan Cass, May 1