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Photos by Nancy Smith
Out in the Big Apple in early 2004, with Elizabeth Peyton, Roe Ethridge, Jim Lambie, Alex Bag, Cheyney Thompson, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Not Vital and more.

Not Vital at the opening of his show at Sperone Westwater, Apr. 2, 2004
Swiss photographer Florio Puenter (and Not Vital collaborator) at Sperone Westwater
Elizabeth Peyton at her opening at Gavin Brown's Enterprise, Apr. 17, 2004
Sofia Coppola at Elizabeth Peyton's opening at GBE
Lucy Barnes at GBE
Elizabeth Peyton's portrait of Gavin Brown
Will Cotton at GBE, 4/17/2004
Artist (and Mrs. Blanck) Isca Greenfield-Sanders
Sebastian Blanck opens his show "Drawn Curtain" at Michael Steinberg Fine Art, Apr. 9, 2004
Photographer (and father-in-law) Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
Sanskrit rapper Jason Horowitz at Schachter/Rove, Apr. 10, 2004
Artist and musician Andy Hershey at Kenny Schachter/Rove
Artist Elizabeth Huey in front of her painting at Polytechnic @ Michael Steinberg Fine Art, Apr. 9. 2004
Jen Kim (right), currently exhibiting at Capsule Gallery, with cinematographer Rachael Levine
Jim Lambie at his exhibition, "Mental Oyster," at Anton Kern Gallery, Apr. 2, 2004
One of Roe Ethridge's photographs at Andrew Kreps Gallery, Apr. 17, 2004
Roe Ethridge
Min Kim opens "Everything Made Up Naturally" at ATM Gallery, Apr. 17, 2004
Alex Bag at the opening of her show at Elizabeth Dee Gallery, Feb. 28, 2004
Elizabeth Dee
Artforum magazine contributing editor David Rimanelli
Detail of Alex Bag's wall installation
Ben Brock, in person and as Kurt Cobain in Slater Bradley's I Hate Myself and Want to Die at Team Gallery, Feb. 21, 2004
London dealer Max Wigram, at Team
British artist Richard Wathen at Team
Michael Mahalchick with his sculpture at Canada, Mar. 6, 2004
Canada founder Phil Grauer at a night of performances at the gallery, Mar. 6, 2004
Performance artist and sculptor Emily Lutzker at Canada
Austrian musician Thomas Simon at Canada
Cheyney's wife, Columbia graduate school photographer Eileen Quinlan
Works by Cheyney Thompson at Andrew Kreps
Artist Cheyney Thompson at Andrew Kreps Gallery, Mar. 13, 2004
Photographer Zwelethu Mthethwa opens an exhibition of his photos at Jack Shainman Gallery, Mar. 18, 2004
Toronto artist Sandra Brewster at Shainman
Dealer Jack Shainman
Detail of Zwelethu Mthethwa's photo of South African sugarcane cutters
Chelsea dealer Michael Steinberg with an installation by Jen Kim at SoHo House, Mar. 12, 2004
Johnston Foster with his work at RARE, Feb. 28, 2004
Sculpture by Johnston Foster at RARE
Tan Lin at the booksigning for his new book, Blipsoak01, at Printed Matter, Feb. 24, 2004
Curator and basketweaver Terrol Dew Johnson with his basket at the American Indian Community House Gallery, Mar. 13, 2004
Basketweaver Theresa Secord with her brown ash basket
Photographer Harriet Logan opens her show, "Unveiled: Voices of Women in Afghanistan," at Maya Stendhal Gallery, Mar. 4, 2004