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  Art Lovers New York
Photos by Nancy Smith

Franz West opens "Sisyphos, Litter and Waste" at Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea, Feb. 22, 2003
Artist (and Mrs. Franz West) Tammna Sirbiladze
Franz West
Cecily Brown
Larry Gagosian
"Furniture and Architecture by Jean Prouve" at Sonnabend Gallery, Feb. 22, 2003
Cathrine Prouve, Jean Prouve's daughter
Exhibition curator Patrick Seguin
Folding chair by Jean Prouve
Ileana Sonnabend and Antonio Honem
Serge Prouve, Jean Prouve's grandson
Paris dealer Enrico Navarra
New York art dealer Lio Malca
Down the street, Elizabeth Peyton at the Wrong Gallery
John Waters opens "Hair in the Gate" at American Fine Arts, Feb. 21, 2003
Photographer Rosalie Knox
Kathleen Turner
John Waters with Sally King-Nero, curator of drawings and photography at the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
Lizzi Bougatsos from American Fine Arts
Donald Baechler and David Greenberg party for their new book, 15 Paintings/15 Texts, at Donald's new Chelsea studio, Feb. 19, 2003
Donald Baechler opening the mail
David Greenberg
Artist Graham Gilmore
Youngest-ever Whitney Museum solo show artist Ryan McGinley with the starlet Dakota, one of his subjects
McGinley muse Eric (left) with artist Wes Lang
Rachel Whiteread at Luhring Augustine, Feb. 13, 2003
British sculptor Rachel Whiteread
Tom Eccles, director of the Public Art Fund
Christopher Wool
Janine Antoni
And More. . .
Painter Michaël Borremans at the opening of his show, "Trickland," at David Zwirner, Feb. 13, 2003
Curator Scott Hug at the opening of "K48 Teenage Rebel: The Bedroom Show" at John Connelly Presents, Jan. 4, 2003
Artist Michael Magnan at John Connelly Presents
Jeremiah Clancy of Fischerspooner at John Connelly Presents
Richard Dupont at the opening of his show, "Tomorrow Again," at Caren Golden, Jan. 16, 2003
Painter Tim Gardner at the opening of his show at 303, Jan. 11, 2003
Artist Kristen Oppenheimer at 303
Artist Robert Melee outside GBE
David Salle at the opening of a show of his paintings at Mary Boone Gallery, Chelsea, Jan. 11, 2003
The Sugar Brothers Artist Collective, (from left) musician Jacques, fashion photographer Udo Spreitzenbarth and I-Candy management Jacques Sugar, at Mary Boone
Ross Bleckner at Mary Boone
Curator and critic Franklin Sirmans with painting by Kehinde Wiley at Kravets/Wehby, Jan. 18, 2003
Cynthia Rowley at Tom Sachs' race night at Nutsy's, Jan. 21, 2003
Lutz Bacher at her opening of "Manhatta" at American Fine Arts, Jan. 23, 2003
American Fine Arts co-director Christine Tsvetanov
Taka Imamura at American Fine Arts
"The Quilts of Gee's Bend" opens at the Whitney Museum, Nov. 21, 2002
Rita Mae Pettway in front of her grandmother Annie E. Pettway's quilt, a variation of Flying Gees, ca. 1935
Houston MFA curator Alvia Wardlaw (left) with Faith Ringgold
Velma Mooney & Lauren in front of a family quilt made by Jessie Pettway, ca. 1950
Quiltmaker B. Pettway
Quiltmaker Leola Pettway
Quiltmaker Addie Nicholson
Outside the New York federal courthouse on the first day of the trial of Alfredo Martinez for art fraud, Nov. 19, 2002
Silkscreen artist Matt Enger of Exploding Sky Worldwide
Friends of Alfredo protesting outside the courthouse
Mark Enger of Exploding Sky
Internet entrepreneur Josh Harris
Artist Jeff Gompertz