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Photos by Nancy Smith
Out in New York, Winter 2004

Painter Franz Gertsch at his show at Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea, Jan. 20, 2004
Painter and curator Simon Cerigo in front of Franz Gertsch's painting of Patti Smith
Chris Burden opens at Gagosian Gallery, Jan. 20
Chuck Close at Gagosian
Jeffrey Deitch at the opening of "Suburban House Kit" at Deitch Projects, Feb. 7, 2004
"Suburban House Kit" architect Adam Kalkin
Video artist Aernout Mik in front of his "Suburban House Kit" projection Pulverous
"Suburban House Kit," installation view
Jim Isermann with his rug, part of the "Suburban House Kit" installation
Artist Haim Steinbach at Deitch Projects
Detail of Closet Shelf by Haim Steinbach, in "Suburban House Kit"
Berlin Dealer Ulrich Gebauer of the Carlier/Gebauer Gallery
Carlo Simoni
Kira Wager opens her show of photo-inspired paintings at Rare Gallery, Jan. 24, 2004
Asian Businessman by Momoyo Torimitsu at Deitch Projects on Grand Street, Jan. 10-Feb. 07, 2004
London Bridge, Arizona by Andrea Robbins and Max Becher
Video artist Candice Breitz at her Sonnabend opening "Becoming," Feb.14, 2004
Contiguous: Profile of George Bush by Julian LaVerdiere at "Open Proposition: Artists for the Bill of Rights" at the Proposition Gallery, Feb. 7, 2004
Actress Roberta Wallach in front of Monoprint by Cecily Brown at "Open Proposition"
John Waters film editor Jeffrey Wolf
Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union
Artists Aida Ruilova and Julian Laverdiere
Curator Simon Cerigo at "Sunday Morning" at Capsule Gallery on West 26th Street with Nancy Smith's Andy Warhol Dreams of Peace, Jan. 10, 2004
Katherine Bernhardt at Capsule Gallery
Dealer Jeffrey Chiedo in front of a chimpanzee painting by Artnet's Walter Robinson
Artnet's Nancy Smith in front of her Andy Warhol Dreams of Peace
Painter Karen Kilimnik at Andrea Rosen Gallery, Jan 23, 2004
Dean Valentine with his wife Amy at the opening of "Now Is a Good Time," a show of works from Valentine's collection at Andrea Rosen, with Karen Kilimnik's painting
Sculptor Maurizio Cattelan at Andrea Rosen Gallery
Dealer Lisa Spellman
Andrea Zittel's A-Z Uniforms 1991-2002, at Andrea Rosen
Daniel Reich opens "Milwaukee" paintings by Tyson Reeder in his new space on 537 W. 23rd Street
Tyson Reeder
Tyson's footwear
Painting by Tyson Reeder at Daniel Reich
Dealer John Connelly at Daniel Reich
Artist Justin Samson with his homemade Gandolf Pipe
Painter Rosson Crow at Daniel Reich