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Photos by Nancy Smith
Fall openings at Salon 94, In the Kitchen, Sonnabend, PaceWildenstein,
Cheim & Read, Soma NYC and more.
Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn at Salon 94 with photo by Katy Grannan, Oct. 10, 2003
Nicelle Beauchene at her space, In the Kitchen, 127 Stanton Street, #2, Nov. 30, 2003
Kent Henricksen's embroidered tapestry, at In the Kitchen
Bench designed by Michael Graves to benefit the Central Park Conservancy, at Max Protetch Gallery, Nov. 8, 2003
Pamela Anderson at the opening of "Popeye" at Sonnabend Gallery, Nov. 8, 2003
Jeff Koons at the opening of his show, "Popeye"
Amanda Lepore at the "Popeye" opening
Supermodel Stephanie Seymour
at "Popeye"
Julian Schnabel at the opening of his show, "New Indian Paintings and Selected Sculpture," at PaceWildenstein, Oct. 16, 2003
One of the new Indian paintings
PaceWildenstein director Arne Glimcher
21 Grams director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu at PaceWildenstein
Lou Reed at PaceWildenstein
Christopher Walken
Olatz Schnabel at PaceWildenstein
Adam Fuss at his opening at Cheim & Read,
Oct. 16, 2003
James Turrell at his opening at PaceWildenstein,
Dec. 2, 2003
Graffiti writer SP.ONE at SOMA NYC on East 9th Street in the East Village, Dec. 4, 2003
Artist Pat Conlon and SOMA director Bucky at SOMA, Dec. 4, 2003
Artist Robert Selwyn and Kerry McFade at the opening of Selwyn's painting show at Green Gallery in Williamsburg, Oct. 17, 2003
One of Robert Selwyn's paintings at the Green Gallery
Installation view of "Touching Fantasy through Color" at Canada on the Lower East Side, with sculptures by Sarah Braman and paintings by Brian Belott, Oct. 25, 2003
Joe Grillo of the collective Dear Raindrop at Canada, Oct. 25
Artist Brian Belott (right) with Whiskey Trippin' Billy of Dear Raindrop, at Canada
Sarah Braman with her son
Michael Diaz beside his portrait by Alfredo Martinez at the Proposition in Chelsea, Oct. 24, 2003
Curator James Fuentes (right) with Daniel Jackson of Surface2Air at the opening of "Alfredo Martinez: Drawings from Prison" at the Proposition, Oct. 24
John Eberentz, a Martinez collaborator, with their sculpture Pigman