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Out in Chelsea and Williamsburg in early January, 2002.
Photos by Jennie Schueler
Chelsea dealer Andrew Kreps and his wife, architect Amparo Vollert
Peter Schuyff with his new work at Bill Maynes Gallery
Painter Hillary Harkness at Maynes
Matthew Monahan at his opening at Anton Kern
Painters Andrew Chesler and painter Nikko Sedgwick
Alexandra & Paul Kasmin at Leo de Goede's opening at Paul Kasmin Gallery
Artists Cara Perlman (left) and Mary Ellen Carroll
From left, photographer Carlo Ferraris and Fillipo Fossati of Esso Gallery
Curator Omar Lopez-Chahoud at the Dia Center
Artnews editor Robin Cembalist and architect Sergio Bregante
Hannoline Rogeberg
Chelsea dealer Paul Rogers (left) with Philippe Arbaizar from the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris
Photographer Richard Rothman with Italian architect Benedetta Sorba at Paul Rodgers/9W
Artist Monica Castillo
at Robert Miller Gallery
Susan Rabinowitz
at Pierogi
Artist Jennifer Reeves
Roebling Hall directors Chrisian Viveros-Faune (left) and Joel Beck (right) with artist and tennis pro Paul Campbell
Artist Norma Markey in Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Mouse painter Joyce Pensato at Parker's Box, Brooklyn
Artists Patricia Cronin, Matvey Levenstein and Deborah Kass at Perogi
Artist KK Kosik and friend
Matt Freedman
Marilla Palmer
at Perogi