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A summer group exhibition organized by Nayland Blake, including works by Ernie Bushmiller, Sophie Crumb, Ray Johnson, Mike Kuchar, Ken Price, Pruitt and Early, Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt, Cindy Sherman, Bill Traylor and others, opening at Matthew Marks Gallery on West 22nd Street in New York
July 1, 2002
Photos by Frank Santoro
DJ Nayland Blake
Matthew Marks Gallery
Matthew Marks
The drawing everyone wants: Chris Johanson's How did I become a fucked up dog person
Art-loving REM rocker Michael Stipe
Installation view, with Ken Price's Inside Out (2002)
Tommy Lanigan-Schmidt with his sculpture
Ernie Bushmiller, Unfaithful Sluggo (detail), n.d.
Filmmaker George Kuchar
From left, collector Niva Grill Angel and dealer Linda Silverman
Michael Jenkins, Chest of Pearls, 1992
From left, artist and e-flux proprietor Anton Vidokle with Mexico City dealers Jose and Gabriel Kuri
Nan Goldin assistant Ric Colon
Massimo Audiello and Blanche
Painter Katherine Bernhardt