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Lee Bontecou in Los Angeles, Jacob Fabricius in Brooklyn, Lisa Ruyter in Vienna,
Michael Joo in Cambridge

The UCLA Hammer Museum's Oct. 3 "Gala in the Garden"
honoring artist Lee Bontecou
Photos by Lee Salem
From left, artist Lee Bontecou, Hammer Museum director Ann Philbin and art patrons Lee and Larry Ramer
Philanthropists and art collectors Eli and Edythe Broad
Vidal and Ronnie Sassoon (left) with art critic Hunter Drohojowska-Philp and her husband, David Philp
Actress Megan Mullally of Will and Grace
Artist John Baldessari, collector Philip Gersh and artist Meg Cranston
Susan Bay-Nimoy, Ed Ruscha, Leonard Nimoy and Philip Gersh
Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski, Joel Wachs and Merry Norris
Sandwiched in New York
A project on Fulton Mall in downtown Brooklyn, organized by Jacob Fabricius, in which
he carried sandwich boards made by several artists -- Bernadette Corporation, Leon
Golub, Sharon Hayes, Ben Kinmont, John Miller, Aleksandra Mir, Adrian Piper, Julia
Scher, Michael Snow and Valerie Tevere. The project was presented by the Public Art Fund
and The Wrong Gallery,
Sept. 24-Oct. 4, 2003
Photos by Paul Laster
Adrian Piper, Sept. 24
Leon Golub, Sept. 26
Fabricius with Aleksandra Mir, Sept. 27
Bernadette Corporation, Sept. 28
Valerie Tevere, Sept. 29
Michael Snow, Sept. 30
Ben Kinmont, Oct. 1
Sharon Hayes, Oct. 2
Julia Scher, Oct. 3
Out in Vienna
Openings in the Austrian capital during the month of September
Photos courtesy Lisa Ruyter
New York artist Lisa Ruyter outside her new gallery in Vienna, with gallery artist Brice Dellsperger
Artist Markus Geiger with dealer Kerstin Engholm at his opening, Sept. 11
Gallerist Marta Moriarty of Vacio 9 in Madrid (left) with artist Adi Rosenblum of Muntean/Rosenblum
Former Chicago Project Room proprietor Michael Hall in his new Vienna gallery
Gallerist Christine Koenig flanked by artists Stanley Whitney (left) and Andreas Reiter-Raab, in front of Whitney's painting
Artist Hans Weigand at Gabrielle Senn Galerie
Artists Franz West and Haim Steinbach at Secession
Mai-Thu Perret in front of her work at the Vienna Secession, Sept. 17
Artist and Secession president Mathias Hermann with Rika Frank of Secession
Artist Wade Guyton at Secession
Sam Taylor-Wood at her opening at the Bawag Foundation, Sept. 18
Toby Webster of the Modern Institute, Glasgow at Galerie Krinzinger, Sept. 18
Angela De La Cruz and Ursula Krinzinger at Galerie Krinzinger, Sept. 18
New York dealer Janice Guy and artist Matthew Buckingham at his opening at MUMOK (Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig), Sept. 19
Michael Joo opens at MIT List Visual Arts Center
in Cambridge, Oct. 17, 2003-Jan. 4, 2004
Photos by Stephanie Theodore
List Visual Arts Center curator Bill Arning
Michael Joo
Eungie Joo, director and curator of L.A.'s new Redcat Gallery
Tim Marlow, director of exhibitions, White Cube, London
One of Michael Joo's works
Artist and catalogue essayist Charles Gaines