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  Out in Milan
"London Orphan Asylum" opens at Milano Openspace, Mar. 9, 2000.
Curated by Clare Manchester and Gilda Williams.

Works by Martin Creed, Pauline Daly, Jeremy Deller, Matthew Franks, Hugo Glendinning, Brian Griffiths, Inventory, Klega, Mark Leckey, Tim Macmillan, Tomoko Takahashi, Sue Webster and Tim Noble, and Denise Webber.
Photos by Gianni Romano.

"London Orphan Asylum"
Gilda Williams
Flash Art news editor Patricia Ellis
"London Orphan Asylum" cocurator Clare Manchester
Sculpture by
Sue Webster
and Tim Noble
Artist Tim MacMillan
Openspace curator
Roberto Pinto
Matthew Franks
Mario from Galleria Continua