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Photos by Walter Robinson
  Art and artists at the Singapore Biennale 2006, Sept. 4-Nov. 12, 2006
The characters Mocmoc & Mermer, with their makers, Johannes M. Hedinger and Marcus Gossolt, otherwise known as Com&Com, on stage during the Singapore Biennale vernissage along with the emcee
Tom Na H-iu (2006), a glowing glass dolmen by Mariko Mori (b. 1967), installed in the National Museum
A Singapore Biennale visitor sings into the microphone to participate in Star (2000), an installation by Hiroyuki Matsukage (b. 1965) at the Tanglin Camp
Open Burble (2006), the matrix of LED-embedded helium balloons devised by London-based architect Usman Haque (b. 1971) for the vernissage of the Singapore Biennale 2006
Custom-painted rickshaws -- a form of transport that is being phased out by the Bangladeshi government -- by the Drik Picture Library collective from Dhaka, Bangladesh
Crossroad (2006), a bomb-shaped sculpture covered with paper flowers by Indonesian artists Agus Suwage (b. 1959) and Titarubi (b. 1968), a married couple who work both together and independently, installed at Tanglin Camp
Yayoi Kusama covered trees along Singapore’s Orchard Road shopping street, featuring her trademark polka-dot motifs
Easter (2006), a suite of 16 flags using the Indian tricolor -- saffron, white and green -- in the design of the British Union Jack, by London artist Mark Wallinger (b. 1959), at the National Museum
Sofia-based Bulgarian artist Lucheszar Boyadjiev (b. 1957) performing his Guiding Agents of Belief (2006) -- that is, being a tour guide
Iceberg (r1 1i01) (2006) by Inigo Manglano-Ovalle (b. 1961), installed in the National Museum
Signs of Memory: City Hall Pink Windows (2006), a graphic mapping of the “community memory” by Tokyo-born artist Takafumi Hara (b. 1968), installed on the Singapore City Hall
Playing soccer on Singapore’s Padang park, flanked by City Hall
The VivoCity shopping center -- future site of public art during the Singapore Biennale 2006 -- still under construction
Paper House (2006) by Shigeru Ban (b. 1957), a paper-tube pavilion serving as the Singapore Biennale press center
One of the art venues at Tanglin Camp
Carsten Nicolai’s blinking light-chamber Synchron (2005), at the National Museum of Singapore
Younès Rahmoun’s Ghorfa Project: Al-Ana/ Huna (Now/Here) (2005-06), installed at Tanglin Camp
Mysore-based artist N.S. Harsha (1969) painted Cosmic Orphans (2006) on the flat roof of the Sultan Mosque in Singapore
A detail of N.S. Harsha’s Cosmic Orphans (2006), on the flat roof of the Sultan Mosque in Singapore
Drawings by schoolchildren of Mocmoc & Mermer, two cartoon characters created by the art team Com&Com
New Zealand artist Daniel Malone (b. 1970)
A view of the raining Angsana Tree in Dutch artist IEPE’s Singapore Miracle (2006) on the esplanade of the Singapore River
Dutch artist Iepe BT Rubingh (1974) after introducing the Singapore Miracle (2006), a tree that magically rains water
A closeup of Dream (2005-06), installed by Shanghai-based artist Jianhua Liu (b. 1962) in the Sculpture Square exhibition space in Singapore
Jianhua Liu’s Dream (2005-06), an assemblage of smashed ceramic Pop objects, in the Sculpture Square exhibition space in Singapore
A still from Shan Pipe Band Learns Star-Spangled Banner (2004) by Karachi-based artist Bani Abidi (b. 1971)
Kids playing secret, interiors: chrysalis (22), a desk transformed into a musical instrument by Donna Ong (b. 1978), in Singapore City Hall
Secret, interiors: chrysalis (19) (2006) by Singapore artist Donna Ong (b. 1978), installed in a courtroom at Singapore City Hall
A detail of secret, interiors: chrysalis (19) (2006) by Singapore artist Donna Ong (b. 1978) in the Singapore City Hall
Shin Il Kim (b. 1971), a South Korean artist who lives in New York
Japanese artist Takashi Kuribayashi with one of his seals at Hermès on Orchard Road in Singapore
Time Notes (2006) -- time is money -- by Argentinian artist Gustavo Romano (b. 1958), installed at Singapore City Hall
Installation view of Salon #2 (2006), a painting by Indonesian painter Handiwirman Saputra (b. 1975), in the Singapore City Hall
Chatchai Puipia’s installation, The Heart is a Lonely Painter (2006), at the National Museum
Departure Lounge (2006) by Lahore-based artist Rashid Rana (b. 1968), installed in the atrium space of Singapore City Hall
Youth (2006), an installation by Brazilian artist Thiago Rocha Pitta (b. 1980), with boat, water and charcoal, inspired by Joseph Conrad’s book Youth (1898), at the Tanglin Camp
Malaysian artist Redza Piyadasa’s May 13, 1969 (1970) in "Telah Terbit (Out Now): Southeast Asian Contemporary Art Practices during the 1970s" at the Singapore Art Museum
Zaha Hadid at the Singapore Art Museum
Harakiri School Girls (1999-2006) by Makoto Aida (b. 1965) at the National Museum, Singapore