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  Pastoral Pop!
New York's summer art scene lights up at the opening of an exhibition of work by seven emerging artists --
Katrin Asbury, Rob de Mar, Rachel Feinstein, Peter Gould, Jason Middlebrook, Lisa Ruyter and Alyson Shotz --
at the Whitney Museum of American Art at Philip Morris on July 20, 2000.
Alyson Shotz
Katrin Asbury
Jaguars by Katrin Asbury
Rob de Mar
Rachel Feinstein
De Mar sculpture
"Pastoral" curator
Debra Singer
Sculpture by Rachel Feinstein
Whitney director
Maxwell Anderson
Lisa Ruyter with Downtown do-gooder Simon Watson
Lisa Ruyter's painting
Jason Middlebrook
Peter Gould and dealer Alona Kagan
Glenn O'Brien
Pensive Artnews editor Robin Cembalest
White Columns director
Paul Ha and new talent
Painters Cecily Brown
and George Condo
Sound artist
Debora Warner
Boston curator
Bill Arning
David Ebony
Art dealer Susan Inglett
and Kate
Don't be shy
Richard Phillips
Photo artist
Dana Hoey