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Out at the 49th Venice Biennale, June 6-8, 2001.
British artist Mark Wallinger (with his Ecce Homo)
Fabrizio Plessi, Waterfire at the Museo Correr, Piazza San Marco
Spanish artist
Ana Laura Alàez
The Nordic Pavilion, with a collaborative installation by five artists.
Urs Luthi, Art for a Better Life, in the Swiss Pavilion
Vanessa Beecroft, The Sister Project, installation view in the Tese delle Vergini
New Zealand artist
Peter Robinson
British pavilion curator
Ann Gallagher
Counter Editions'
Matthew Slotover
Sarenco l'africano, installation view, in the Corderie
Allora, Lothar Baumgarten
Sunday Jack Akpan, Portrait of a Seated Chief, 2001, in the Corderie
                           Scenes from Mike Nelson's The Deliverance and the Patience at the Ex Birreria on the Giudecca in Venice
Icelandic artist
Finnbogi Petursson
Artist Jeff Wall
in the Italian Pavilion
German curator
Udo Kittlemann
Finnish artist
Petteri Nisunen
Israeli artist Uri Katzenstein, installation view
Abbas Kiarostami, Au travers de la fenetre, 2001, video projection on the floor in the Corderie
Richard Billingham, Playstation, 1999, in the Corderie
Russian artist
Sergei Shutov
Sergei Shutov, Abacus, at the Russian Pavilion
A member of Vienna's Gelatin art group in performance
A view of Venice
Sur Rodney Sur
Painter Martin Noel and daughter Cora
Henning Christiansen, Asgard, System of Freedam (Valhalla) (detail) 2001, at the Danish Pavilion
Charles Sandison, Living Rooms (detail) 2001, in the Corderie
Magnus Wallin, video projection in the Corderie