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  Picture postcards from Art 37 Basel, the VOLTAshow 02 and more.
Dealer Karsten Greve at his booth
at Art 37 Basel
Martin Creed’s Work No 549 (2006), sited on the Messeplatz in front of the new Ramada Plaza hotel, courtesy by Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle, Munich
Curator Okwui Enwezor reading the Art Newspaper’s "gossip" page at a café on the Messeplatz
Berlin painter Tatjana Doll’s Ferrari F40NH (2005) at the booth of Art & Public, Geneva, sold for €25,000 to a Tokyo collector. Dealer Pierre Huber said, "She doesn’t paint only cars!"
Madrid dealer Soledad Lorenzo with Jorge Galindo’s Ilusión (2006) (left) and Susy Gómez’ Sin Título 233 (2006), both priced at €18,000
Georg Herold’s It Would Be Nice to Have Just One Untitled (2004) -- a group of bricks attached to canvas with paint -- at the booth of Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London, for €55,000
California sculptor Liz Larner’s High Strength (2006) at Regan Projects, Los Angeles, for $120,000
An untitled trough of fan-blown waves by Swiss artist Roman Signer at the booth of Stampa Basel, sold for SF14,000 to a private collector
At the booth of Galerist, opened in Istanbul in 2001, Hussein Chalayan’s Repose 2 (2006), €70,000
In the Art 37 Basel VIP lounge, a booth selling condos at Ian Schrager’s luxury 40 Bond development in New York, priced $3.3 million to $12 million, about 50 percent sold
New York dealer Daniel Reich, and fan, at Liste 06 in Basel
Moscow Biennale director Joseph Backstein at Art 37 Basel
Zurich artist Katja Schenker perfiorming Sauvée (rescued), converting a parachute into a lifebelt, at the booth of Galerie Mark Müller at Art 37 Basel
An untitled joke work by Richard Prince, laser engraved and burned in wood panel, made in an edition of eight, at the booth of Two Palms Press at Art 37 Basel, priced at $50,000-$75,000, with six sold halfway through the fair
New York dealer Brooke Alexander in his booth with Richard Artschwager’s untitled "quote" multiple from 1980, sold to a major Swiss collector. "See the quotes? Everything in between is text!"
Laughing Hole (2006), the remnants of a performance by the Spanish theater artist La Ribot, in "Art Unlimited" at Art 37 Basel, sponsored by Galería Soledad Lorenzo
Media art pioneer Tony Conrad at Liste 06 in Basel
Ilya Kabakov’s verbal "tennis game" installation, in "Art Unlimited," sponsored by Galleria Continua, San Gimignano and Beijing
Still from Rodney Graham’s 2003 film, Loudhailer, in "Art Unlimited" at Art 37 Basel, sponsored by Donald Young Gallery and Hauser & Wirth
Banks Violette’s Voidhanger (turin channel) … all tomorrows graves (2006), in "Art Unlimited," sponsored by Team, New York
Still from Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno’s film Zidane, a 21st Century Portrait, screened at the new Herzog & de Meuron-designed St. Jakob Stadium during Art 37 Basel (and rumored to be priced at $200,000)
Fabian Marcaccio’s U.N. Paintant (2005), a 3D construction of a fallen U.N. officer, in "Art Unlimited" at Art 37 Basel, sponsored by Galerie Thomas Schulte and Bravin Lee Programs
Zürich art dealer Serge Ziegler, at Art 37 Basel
Mexico City dealer Enrique Guerrero with a work by Enrique Jezik at his gallery booth at VOLTAshow 02, Basel
Sherrie Levine's Monochromes (12 Black Monochromes, 12 Gray Monochromes, 12 White Monochromes) (2000), in "Art Unlimited" at Art 37 Basel, sponsored by Jablonka Galerie, Cologne
Jean-Luc Moerman’s Projet tatouage (Pamela Anderson) (2006), at Galerie Rudolphe Janssen, Brussels, at Art 37 Basel, sold for $10,000 each
James Rosenquist, Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by Eleanor Roosevelt, 1998, originally commissioned for the ceiling of the Palais de Chaillot in Paris for $7 million, in "Art Unlimited" at Art 37 Basel, sponsored by Acquavella Gallery, reportedly priced at $10 million
New York dealer Ethan Cohen’s booth at VOLTAshow 02, with Zhou Xiaohu’s When Attitude Becomes Form -- The Opening Ceremony (1) (2005), showing the curators of Documenta, on reserve for €39,000
Artist Aya Rokkaku at work in the booth of Kaikai Kiki, New York,
at VOLTAshow 02, with the works all on reserve
Works by Gert Robijns (foreground) and Erik van Lieshout at the booth of Stella Lohaus Gallery, Antwerp, at VOLTA, priced €6,000 and
€7,000, respectively
Rina Banerjee’s Birds without Paradise: Sulfur Flower (2006) at Newman Popiashvili at VOLTA, sold for $15,000
Francis Alys, "The Sign Painting Project (1993-97): A Revision," installation view, at the Schaulager, Basel
Susanne Kuhn’s 2006 Bamboo Garden ($36,000) and Henry Krokatsis’ untitled flooring of found wood with Formica, in a pattern based on the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles (£700 per square meter) at the booth of Goff + Rosenthal at VOLTAshow 02
A photo from Yasumasa Morimura’s new series, A Requiem: Mishima 1970. 11.25-2006.4.6 (2006), $31,500 in an edition of five, at Shugoarts, Tokyo
Parking it at the Messseplatz during Art 37 Basel
Helen Mirra’s Wolkendecke (cloud cover) (2006), made of military surplus hospital blankets, in "Art Unlimited" at Art 37 Basel, sponsored by Meyer Riegger Galerie, Karlsruhe
Tacita Dean’s Chalk Balls (2006) and Monkey Puzzle (2006) in "Analogue: Films, Photographs, Drawing 1991-2006" at Schaulager, Basel
Pablo Picasso’s Femme couchée à la meche blonde (1932), presented by Jan Krugier Gallery at Art 37 Basel, $25 million
General Idea, One Month of AZT (1991), at the booth of Esther Schipper Berlin, $175,000