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Art dealers at the sixth Liste Young Art Fair, June 12-17, 2001, at the old Warteck Brewery in Basel.
Francesca Pia, Berlin, with the paw of a leather bearskin by Klat, an artists' collective
The old Warteck Brewery in Basel.
Giovanni Intra of China Art Objects Gallery, Los Angeles, with painting by David Korty
Mary Goldman of Goldman/Tevis, Los Angeles, with a scarf-and-painting construction by Josh Blackwell
Berlin dealer Giti Nourbakhsch (left) with artist Katja Strunz and her untitled wall construction.
Karin Handlbauer of Mezzanin, Vienna, with Maria Friberg's videotape of George W. Bush
Steve Pippet and Rachel Williams of Vilma Gold, London, with construction by Brian Griffiths
Tommy Lund, Copenhagen, with photo by Knut ┼dsam
Jorn Botnagel and Yvonne Quirmbach of BQ, Cologne, with architectural drawing by Belgrade artist Bojan Sarcevic
Cokkie Snoei, Rotterdam, with cutout by Madeleine Berkhemer
Mary-Jane Aladren of Nylon, London, with artist John Strutton and his hand-painted workman's jackets
Catherine Bastide, Brussels, with a photograph by Brazilian artist Janaina Tschape
Susanne Vielmetter, Los Angeles, with an abstract painting by Stephen Heer
Irit Sommer of Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, with Eliezer Sonnenschein's computer drawing.
Joel Lieb of Ten in One Gallery, New York, with John Spear's My Immortal Stole, 2000
Hamburg dealer Karin Guenther with photos by Jeanne Faust
Annette Schindler of Plug-In, Basel, with the Knowbotic Research installation.
Mia Sundberg of Schaper Sundberg Galeri, Stockholm, with Marcus Eek's Behind the Scenes, 2001
Irena Popiashvili of Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York, with photos by Noritoshi Hirakawa
Berlin dealer Joanna Kamm with a painting by Gabriele Basch
Jari-Juhani Lager of VTO, London, with Earthquake Safety Plan, 2001, by Matt O'dell